Space Shuttle Discovery landing - STS-133 mission

The Space Shuttle Discovery is due to come in to land today, just before 5pm GMT. We watched the shuttle go up successfully almost two weeks ago. Since then, there's been all manner of space walks and scientific experiments, but now it's time for Discovery to come back down to earth for the final time.

Daily: 3rd March 2011

Hello there, it's Christine again, I'm filling in for a rather under the weather Alex, and I'm sure you'll join me in wishing him better. I'm not going to do this daily in rhyme, because that took quite a long time, but I still have plenty that you need to know about.

Apple iPad 2 Keynote

Today, Apple are holding an event where we are expecting confirmation about the second generation of iPad. The Apple store has gone down, the crowds are assembling, the livebloggers are preparing. Soon we will find out what's next for the tablet world. The tagline of this keynote reads: "Come see what 2011 will be the year of."

Daily: 27th February 2011

Hello there, it's Christine again, I'm standing in for the lovely Lou, As our favourite photography lass has some university work to do, Whilst I'm waiting for this week's debrief to export I have found the time, To make this special for Ms Lou and get it all to rhyme

Crashed Ice, Round 3 - Moscow, Russia

Crashed Ice heads to Moscow for the third and penultimate round of the 2011 World Championship. We've already seen two epic battles take place in Germany and the Netherlands, and things are getting close at the top.

Space Shuttle Discovery launch - STS-133 mission

The Space Shuttle Discovery is due to launch this evening just before 10pm GMT. We've long been interested in the science behind space travel, and have perused a few launches before. For the first time in Sidepodhistory, we've got a live thread for the launch, as well as what I'm hoping will be quite awesome Factbyte Factbox coverage.

Daily: 23rd February 2011

Ooh, it's my turn on daily duties again. I'm writing this on our Windows Machine - the one that allows us to use Skype without Mr C tearing his hair out. I know, I know, he's never really been complementary about Windows in the past but it has it's benefits. It allowed us to record the recent Sidepodchat, which is certainly worth listening to if you have a spare fifteen minutes. Also, the Windows machine means I get to play The Sims 2. Which I am not doing. Nu-uh.

Daily: 12th February 2011

Hello there, it's Saturday. What are you up to today? Will you be perusing any of the testing action in Jerez? It's all kicking off over there. Well, it's not really, but there are things of note to keep an eye on. Heidfeld will be in the Renault, hoping to impress the bosses for a chance at temporarily replacing Kubica. Williams will be hoping to get a wriggle on after their running has been cut short two days in a row. Schumacher will be hoping for another day on top of the timesheets. We'll be busy hoping he won't manage it.

Daily: 7th February 2011

Hello there. We are lacking a daily and I have pieced together the mystery of why. There was some internet connectivity issues between RG and Sidepodcast last night, which immediately places the blame at MediaTemple's door, no matter who is really at fault. RG tweeted Mr C, who was so busy watching the Superbowl, that he forgot to do anything about it. Et voilà! I am filling in with a super-duper daily today.

Crashed Ice, Round 2 - Valkenburg, Netherlands

It's time for the second round of that super speedy sport Crashed Ice, where very brave (and foolish) chaps on skates race down a course to try and be the first to get to the bottom unharmed. We watched, live commented, and thoroughly enjoyed the first round in Munich, and now the action moves on to the Netherlands.

Daily: 19th January 2011

Hello there, how have you been? Last time I wrote a daily I was getting mushy at New Year. I can guarantee this one won't be like that. In fact, I might just go right back to how the daily began with just a few links in a lovely bullet point list. It'll be nostalgic, you'll like it.

Crashed Ice, Round 1 - Munich, Germany

Last year, we really enjoyed watching the Crashed Ice final, taking place in Quebec. We liked it so much that we live commented the whole thing. At the time, we barely had any idea what was going on, and didn't realise that we had missed some earlier rounds until at least partway through. This year, although we're still not a lot wiser in terms of who is taking part (although I will always remember the name Niefnecker), we've managed to catch the event from it's very beginning.

Daily: 1st January 2011

This is the one time of year when I don't roll my eyes at Mr C when he gets emotional and starts thanking and hugging people. Unfortunately, I have banned him from the site while he works on other behind the scenes things, and that means it falls to me. I'm not good at this stuff, but I will do my best.

Jools' Annual Hootenanny 2010/11

It's New Year's Eve and that can only mean one thing. Jools is back to guide us through the great and the good of music whilst simultaneously counting down to midnight. New Year's would be nothing without a good Hootenanny.

Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol

I'm not sure I can link this to Formula 1 at all. Erm, except that this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special has Michael Gambon in it, and he has a corner named after him on the Top Gear track, which Formula 1 people have also driven around. Ha. I did it. Katherine Jenkins is also in it, but she doesn't have a corner named after her. She was on this year's Sports Personality event, though, and Frank Williams appeared on stage. Double bonus!

Daily: 20th November 2010

Hello there, we seem to be lacking a daily for today, so I will jump in. Is it possible to be a super-sub on a job that used to be yours full time anyway? Not sure about that one.

Daily: 22nd October 2010

Hello, it's me! Christine. That's right, you remember. I haven't written a daily for ages, and not only that, I'm up at 5 o'clock in the morning. This is just a day of firsts. We are smack dab in the middle of the Korean Grand Prix action, with one Free Practice session out of the way, and another one to come very shortly. But wait a minute, that's what the bullet points are for.

Daily: 25th September 2010

We may or may not be expecting a daily from someone else, so I am posting this here for now, in the hopes that no one actually reads it. I wonder if that has ever happened on Sidepodcast before? On my last daily, I was slightly told off for beginning a countdown to the end of the year. It was unintentional, as I do not normally partake in counting down to things. That being the case, I won't tell you that there are now 97 days to go. So, on to the bullet points!

Daily: 18th September 2010

Hello Sidepodpeople and welcome to Saturday. I am back behind the blogging wheel for another daily post, and I thought I would bring it right back to basics with some bullet points and some links. How does that sound? Excellent. Did you know that there are only 104 days left of the year? How scary is that? I would have liked to hit the round 100 but I am not on duty that day, so 104 is the new magic number. Let us move on, though, from numbers to news.

Daily: 4th September 2010

It is Saturday once again, and to kick off our daily today, let's have a picture reminding us of what the weather was like in Spa this time last week. t was a bit wet. Still, this weekend seems to be a bit brighter in the UK, at least. I can't speak for Spa, but I don't suppose that matters anymore. Our weather watching has moved on to Korea, as Karun Chandhok heads there to try and attempt a lap around what appears to be a building site.