2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 8

We enter our eighth day of football, and I'm sulking. I was behind France, having drawn them in the sweepstake, and they failed miserably last night. Apparently they're not out of it yet but the chances of them scraping through are, as Jeremy would put it, Buckleys.

Daily: 18th June 2010

Hello my pretties, how are we on this fine Friday? I can't tell you how happy I am that it is Friday, as I am getting to the end of two rather tough weeks in the office. Nothing but a weekend full of Franck ahead of me, as well. But more of that in a moment. First up, here are some of the things we're talking about...

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 5

Finally, it falls to me to write a World Cup post. I thought I was doing quite well, avoiding it for five days to give me a chance to swot up on this football lark. Now's my chance to display how very knowledgable I am about it all now.

Daily: 11th June 2010

Surprise! Lukeh is a little tied up at the moment and thus I am here to bring you your daily post for Friday. Can I just say, TGI Friday has never been more appropriate! Last time I wrote a daily, I talked about the many sports we appear to be following, and today seems to be the day it all collides. F1, Le Mans and football. It's gonna be a busy one.

Daily: 5th June 2010

Hello and welcome to Saturday. Today is World Environment Day which is an international day to raise awareness of... well, the environment, I'm guessing. That being the case, I think it's only fair to mention the panda, don't you? The panda does it's bit for the environment by generally keeping out of the way, and being pretty darn cute. Now, on to the bullet points.

Daily: 29th May 2010

Hello, hello, only me. It's Saturday, and that can only mean one thing... time for me to write the daily. I swapped shifts with James last week and then forgot my rescheduled post, so thanks to Mr C for covering. It's always fun to test him, particularly as he is so busy with the iPad this week. Anyway, I am rambling, so I will move on to F1 related goodness...

Daily: 15th May 2010

Hello folks, it looks like it is my turn to write a daily once again. Thanks to all those who have gone before me this week, it's been a good run of links and lists recently. This weekend we're looking forward to all the action from Monaco but until then, here are a few things we're talking about...

Daily: 8th May 2010

It's Friday night/Saturday morning and that must mean it is my turn to write the daily again. I am so loving the variety we're getting with multiple daily authors, thanks must go once again to our fabulous volunteers. If you want to have a go but don't fancy a regular stint, just let me know and you can take over this Saturday as a one-off, if you so desire. Anyway, on to fun things...

Daily: 1st May 2010

Ah, it must be my turn to write a daily post again. Let's see if I can remember how to do this. We've had so many excellent daily posts this week that I don't want to let anyone down. However, as the F1 news drought continues, I have found some things for us to talk about...

Daily: 24th April 2010

Hello, hello. I have returned to man the controls and the daily post duty returns to me. Thank you to everyone for our first week of fabulous guest daily posts. I think it's safe to say the experiment was a success. A greater variety of links, ideas and content, some of them even relating to F1. Good times. Now, on to some things I want to share:

Daily: 18th April 2010

It is little Anthony Davidson's birthday today, and as it turns out, he's over 30. Perhaps we should stop calling him little Ant now. It's also Jordan Allen's birthday, but I already gave him a mention in the daily that was really a weekly. Happy birthday though Jordan! Meanwhile, here are some things we're talking about...

Daily: 17th April 2010

So... the weekly version of the daily post didn't work, and now we are back to some of the more fabulous regularly scheduled 24 hour posts. Instead of listening to me all day every day, we've got some guest writers lined up to take over the daily on various days. More information is available on the wiki, but for now, here are some things we're talking about...

Daily: 12th - 18th April 2010

Welcome to the new look daily, which is actually a weekly. I know it still says Daily in the title, but we're working on that. Things have changed a bit at Sidepodcast, more about that here, but in other ways, it is still exactly the same. We're still celebrating birthdays, plugging good stuff and ramping up to the racing this weekend. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 7th - 11th April 2010

Our first ever multi-day thread. How odd. Mr C and I are taking a break from things, and this time it's a real break, not one where we turn up in the comments after an hour away from the site. Hopefully we've left you with plenty to be getting on with. Last week we published a Joe show and a Stuart show, and yesterday I put this weekend's F1 Debrief up.

Daily: 6th April 2010

It's Tuesday and that means it's time to head back to work - another weekend and another race over. After a weekend full of sport - Superleague, F1, Boat Race, Jordan Rally - it seems like we're in for a quiet few days. Nevertheless, there is still plenty to keep us amused, and here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 5th April 2010

Happy birthday to a certain Andy Taylor, hope you have a good day and celebrate accordingly. Also, get well soon to Lou, who needs all our Sidepodhugs and best wishes to shake off the flu. Now, parish notices out the way, it's time to talk about Formula One:

Daily: 4th April 2010

It's Sunday and that can only mean one thing - race day in Malaysia. We saw a fascinating qualifying yesterday, affected throughout by the weather conditions. Will the race run along similar lines? Or will we simply be faced with a shakeup in the order? All those questions will be answered today, meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about:

Doctor Who - The Eleventh Hour

Well, yes, I know what you're thinking. You couldn't really get further from Formula One if you tried. There must be some kind of tenuous link regarding top notch technology, and... no, I really can't do it.

Daily: 3rd April 2010

Although I was looking forward to the four day weekend, it now has me thoroughly confused. I've already had one day off and yet it is still only just Saturday. We've got Free Practice and Qualifying in Malaysia today, so expect threads aplenty, but meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 2nd April 2010

Ahh, I have never been so happy for a Friday to appear. Firstly, I think we all survived April Fool's Day unscathed. I spotted a couple of amusing things but mostly it was all quite annoying. Secondly, it's Free Practice Factbyte Factbox day! Yay! And thirdly, it's been such a stressful week, I'm glad it's a long weekend. I was too tired to think of things for the daily so I asked for help in the comments. This is what I came up with.