Hello my friends! Welcome to the first of the three Sundays which make up the Formula 1 summer holidays. I know, the thought of no race for such a long time is a sad one, but there will be plenty of different activities that we can all take part in to keep ourselves occupied I’m sure. What are you all up to today? Exciting things I hope! Well, if you’ve not got any plans I have a few suggestions as to how you could pass some of your day;

  • It’s the Character Cup final today, yep that’s right the final, doesn’t time go quickly! We’re down to the final three now, Karun, Bruno and Rubens are all fighting it out to be your Character Cup Champion. Don’t forget to vote, something tells me it’s going to be a close battle!
  • The latest episode of An Aside with Joe 'It's Touring Car Racing, as Opposed to the Sex Pistols' was released yesterday, and with a title like that is promises to be a brilliant show - Definitely worth sparing an hour for. The perfect F1 fix for the holidays, thanks Joe and Mr C!
  • Just because Formula 1 is having a break it doesn’t mean we don’t have any other racing to get our fix from this weekend. We’re already live commented the IndyCar Series Qualifying, thanks to a wonderful thread written by Leigh,  and we’ll be doing the same for the race later on today. Go on come and join in! If Indy Car isn’t you’re cup of tea, a quick check of Pat’s website tells us that there are a few more races on today such as NASCAR and DTM. Whatever you decide to watch we hope you’ll pop by the comments and give us your opinions.
  • So that’s covered what you can watch today, but what about if you want to read something? Well, Christine has written a great post about using her HTC Desire (you're got to love the HTC Desire.. right?). Also look out for the first instalment of a series of guest posts by Amy where she looks back at the Australian Grand Prix. We’ll finally get to find out what She, Paul, Jeremy and Pamela all got up to over that awesome weekend.
  • Today is of course London Triathlon day, which means everyone’s favourite (well okay my favourite) champion is finally getting to jump into the Thames to take part in the ridiculously hard event. If you’re a fan, and are local to the area why not go along and show your support? Failing that how about visiting his Just Giving page and helping him to raise some more money for Make a Wish? He’s raised nearly £17,000 so far! (Just a little update - Jenson finished the Triathlon 3rd in his category in 2hours 14minutes, just 4 minutes over last years time.)
  • What are you doing at 4pm today? Alex is back from his holiday which means Giggles radio makes am exciting return, today’s theme being the letter ‘V’ make sure you tune in it’s going to be great!

Phew, I hope that’s enough to keep you all entertained for today. I’m going to end the daily with an appeal. R.G is in holiday this week and while I was researching for today’s daily I realised no one appears to be covering his daily duties for tomorrow. If anyone would like to volunteer to write tomorrow’s daily do let us know in the comments, especially if you aren’t a regular – we all know how much Mr C loves new daily writers! If you can’t do tomorrows but would love to write a daily at any point don’t forget there is a list of days on the wiki that also need covering

. Until next week then, I hope you all have a lovely day!

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