Don't sneeze, little fox!

Credit: Lou Johnson

Don't sneeze, little fox!

Hello you! Have you noticed that it's December already? Goodness how time flies. Just last week it felt like it was November, where does the time go? I suppose that is what happens when time happens to be so wibbly wobbly. But there's just 22 days left until Christmas and 28 days until my birthday (4 weeks today!) and yes, I have decided we can all mention Christmas noe that I have seen the coca cola advert in December. Woohoo! Plus it's been snowing all over the country, apart from where I live, where we just got nothing really. Ah well, let's have better times with plenty of links to go through! Oh and by the way Mr C, remember to do the Sidepodchat today.

Paddock News

We've Been Thinking About the New Teams in F1 On a Thursday - Thursday is often a terrible day (nice positive start) but what makes the day oh-so-so-so so much better is the always enjoyable fun that is Thursday Thoughts and this week, we've been studying the new teams in Formula 1 and how much they are 'wirth' to the sport. Hehe. Of course Christine has bundled them all together in a super awesome bundle to make sure all your thursday thought bundle needs are met and you have a bundle of blogging awesomeness, with thoughts from Steven, Myself, Christine and VivaF1. Oh and I was trying to do a funny because of Nick Wirth and Virgin. Awkward laughter. Oh and by the way Mr C, you really should do Sidepodchat tonight.

He's Simply the Best, Better. Than. All. The. Rest. Can you confirm you understand that? - It seems that despite losing the championship at Abadabby and being a bit of a spoilsport at times Fernando Alonso has become the top driver in terms of what the people in the paddock think after quite a season for the several time beardy former world champion. Well he is very very good isn't he? No denying he is a really fantastic driver and he's had a great return to form in 2010 despite some off moments but who didn't? Good to see Rubens got 11 points, definitely apt as he is car 11 next season and will turn the sport up to 11. Also, Mr C, have you considered doing the Sidepodchat tonight? You really should.

I'll Swap you My shiny Lotus for your Rare Charizard - This is a oretty interetsing idea from your resident favourite F1 journalist Joe Saward. Basically Joe is suggesting that Petrov future in the sport and who Renault choose for their No. 2 seat in the team could affect quite a lot in the sport, going on to suggest an idea that Tony Fernandes could sell current Lotus to Team Lotus and buy Renault to have his new Lotus that aren't the Lotus that aren;t Lotus who bought his Lotus out. Basically, he explains it better than me so give it a read. Which reminds me, Mr C you could always make a Sidepodchat after you've read it sometime this evening maybe?


Detention for Vettel For Stropping and Making Fun of his Teammate Here's a fabtabulous new post from guest poster KerbRider as he goes back to his post from before the season and reviewing his predictions of what we actually saw from the Class of 2010 in that awesome season that just passed by. Love some of the points he makes and he actually got some predicitions spot on so make sure you take a gander over to his write up! Of course, the Mr C's amongst us could follow up this reading with a rather lovely arrangement of a Sidepodchat.

Money Money Money, It's So Funny, In Sepp Blatter's World - Oooh dear. This caused a bit of upset for all the English football fans yesterday. It seems that Russia will be holding the 2018 World Cup finals and then following that in 2022 will be, amazingly, Qatar who have never qualified and has left a very sour taste in a lot of fans mouths that money has influenced the decision to go to such a ridiculous location. I can't help but agree if I'm honest but RG has done a far better than me getting the point across about FIFA's poor decisions all whilst creating an awesome title for a blog post. You know else is awesome? Recoding a sidepodchat with mr c. I think we should do one of them tonight.

It's like opening a door and getting free chocolate technology - As a male if there's one thing I love it's free stuff. Especially free games. Especially free games on my iPod. Especially every day over 25 days. That's a combination up there with a free sausage roll from Greggs mixed with a free bottle of orange juice, om nom. Anyways this AppVent Calendar is offering free games every day till Christmas for the ipod/iphone which is just awesome. The first day was a fantastic game I recently bought so it's not bad games either. Gameloft are running their own version too but not every day will be a free game. And of course, make sure you check out the Sidepodcast Advent Calendar and Giggles Advent Calendar too, which reminds me, don't you think Mr C should help record a new Sidepodchat tonight? I think so.

And Now For Something slightly Different

Needs More Michael Buerk - Now if you're going to review a game this is how you should do it because quite frankly this is the best videogame review, heck ANYTHING review I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Please please watch this video of this young duo reviewing Gran Turismo 5, or at least trying to until total disaster strikes and is retold in a way I'm sure many of you will find familiar. Absolute brilliance. if you've played Gran Turismo 5 you will totally understand how frustrating the video's meaning is but you don't need to have played it to appreciate the genius of this video. Talking of geniuses, resident genius and all round nice guy Mr C should probably record a new Sidepodchat tonight.

The Daily Listen - Play by Moby - Ahhh yes. Just what I need after a busy day, a nice cold drink and something relaxing, soothing, and just lovely playing alongside me as I write another daily. Play is in my opinion Moby's album by an absolutely huge mile, some of the songs off it are absolutely iconic and deservedly so, it's such a fantastic collection of songs and just as listenable as it was 11 years ago. Seems odd it was made so long ago actually. It's been ages since we made a Sidepodchat you know, maybe Mr C should get onto that today at some point?

And that's me for another week. If you've had loads of snow this week then I hope you are safe and well and playing with polar bears and flying through the air with snowmen like we all do at Christmas time. Not many more weeks to go now folks, are you excited? Crank on the Pogues, record a new Sidepodchat, check up on the Coca Cola advert and get your cards out, the festive season is here and we're only just beginning. Woohoo!!

PS. I feel like I haven't mentioned it much, if at all in this whole Daily but try and remind Mr C to make a new Sidepodchat today, he's been meaning to for ages and we really should do it because it's awesome.

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