Good Morning!

…and incase I don’t see you, Good Afternoon, Good Evening & Good Night!

Now we have the formalities completed, I can introduce myself as Nick, and this is the Daily Post for the last day of August 2010. New Years Eve is just four months away; and those living in the northern hemisphere will be suffering the depths of winter. Fortunately for me I have left those cold climbs behind me for the sunshine of the UAE.

Speaking of which it is now only ten and a half weekends until my personal favorite race, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The concerts are yet to be announced, but the seats have nearly all sold out, so if you’re thinking of popping by, be sure to avoid missing out like I did last year.

Those of you in the UK have just enjoyed Bank Holiday Monday, which for our American readers is the equivalent of Labor Day, which you will be enjoying next week. That hasn’t stopped the F1 news flowing though so here is a quick roundup.

  • The organizers of the Korean GP have released some photos of their race circuit, but the track itself is conspicuous by its absence (although you can see a slither of tarmac in one image)
  • The latest Christine’s Rankings update is out and hot off the press, get in there quick to see whose moving and who’s shaking!
  • Adam Cooper spotted a great banner some Massa Fans took to Spa, perhaps we that nickname will catch on?
  • Sticking with nicknames, and Joe has given a great rundown of what some of the driver are called in the Pressroom, with ‘Cowboyashi’ being a personal favourite
  • In Sidepodcast news, the illustrious Sidepodspa crew have parted company after what looked like an amazing weekend, and F1minute has returned with a great roundup of the Belgian Grand Prix
  • Sebastian Vettel has come under quite a lot of criticism following his eventful race, Will Buxton has a written a good article about where he stands with this great quote: “In short, the man nicknamed Baby Schumi is acting a little bit too much like a baby, and little bit too much like Schumi.”
  • But was it really his fault? The Red Bull has apparently been gaining an advantage though its flexibility this season, but this video seems to show it becoming completely unstable in the McLaren’s airflow seconds before the crash. Is Adrian Newey being too clever for his own good?

I hope you all have a great day. If you are reading this and lurking on the site without commenting, why not join the discussion? What better day than today, the day of my first daily post to jump in and get involved?

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