Reluctantly, we must drag ourselves into a new month, and it is September we find ourselves staring at. September is always a bit stressful - people head into new terms at school/college/university, and the traffic increases for those of us wending our way through rush hour each day. We're also heading quickly towards the end of the season, and it's certainly taking us for quite the ride as we get there, isn't it? Anyway, on to F1 related stuff (minus the bullet points because I'm using a fancy quote thing, but I still love the bullet points really, honest!)

Jake Humphrey has written up another blog entry detailing his weekend in Belgium, and more particularly, his journey to get there. It hadn't really occurred to me that the timescale for putting the Humphrey/Brundle piece together would be quite tight, but they did only have the time from when they arrived and finished driving up Eau Rouge until race day - which even with the BBC's resources is a big ask.

There is news on testing, and it's not really what we wanted to hear. All the teams are happy to keep the season ban in place and concentrate on pre-season testing. The only change, really, is that they might switch from a rainy Spanish track to a dusty Bahrain one. This is worrying for the season opener as well, as Barcelona proves how testing knowledge of a circuit can limit racing action.

Most of us have developed a bit of a soft spot for Petrov, at least not wanting him to do badly, even if we're not that bothered how well he does. Renault are bothered though, as team boss Eric Boullier suggested:

It is sometimes hard to forgive a mistake like that he made, but this is F1 and it is not easy... Yes he brought some points home, but we need to have a solid second driver.

Eric Boullier

I don't know. I kinda figured bringing points home, especially after such a rubbish qualifying, was a pretty good way of being a solid second driver. We shall see!

That should do it today. Apologies that it's nice and brief. I'm filling in for Gavin, who is presumably sleeping and/or working after getting home from an epic Spa weekend. Apparently there are pictures and blogs of the weekend still to come, but as we have seen with Amy's Australian Diary, anything under six months is a good timescale for a writeup.

Have a good day, and I'll see you in the comments.

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