You. Yes you, I like the look of you. I'm not sure why, but you look good. Smart, thats always a good sign in the end. Hey now I know you can hear me so don't shy away like that. Come closer, come on, closer than that. Look, there is a chair here that you could sit on and its right next to me. I'm not going to hurt you now, look, I'm from Newcastle, we love everyone and wouldn't hurt a fly. Great, you are seated, you can hear me, lets get the bulletpoint party started.

  • So what do you want to know about first. The F1, that sounds reasonable. Yes, the Singapore Grand Prix. In all honesty, fairly average, some incidents heated things up (that was a pun) and some drivers impressed (Glock and Kubica say). But lets be honest, there have been better and there have been worse. You can't go far wrong saying this race was OK. But my key question is, does Lukeh agree with me. I'm also wondering, what if we just stayed with the old points systems, would anything be different. And you know what, I just wish somebody kept track of how well the new teams are doing. What, you've even forgotten everything that happened in the race, I just wish two people would help me with that. Gosh, F1 these days.
  • Trulli might be on his way out! Sorry for the shouting, hope I didn't hurt your ears too much. But Will Buxton has talked about who is going to be at the new teams for next season. Interestingly enough is if Timo Glock goes to Mercedes or Renault, who will Virgin draft in to replace? No, that was a rhetorical question, but answer if you want.
  • What now. You want to pretend you are a Formula 1 driver? Riiiiight, of course you do. I'm sure Scott will be able to help you out with his review of how he raced in the new Formula 1 game around the stupid Bahrain layout and Australia. Its good, and if you like stories, you can always read his 'Living The F1 Dream' blog, which is decent so far. And if you have got the game, tell us what you think of it and share your experience of the races. I guarantee it can't be much worse than me around Valencia.
  • Speedway Grand Prix has a new World Champion after a brilliant Italian GP. Some of the racing was excellent and the new champion Tomasz Gollob wasn't even racing in the race that decided it. An awesome battle between Brit Chris Harris and Jaroslaw Hampel, the title contender ensued in the second semi final. Hampel needed to be in the top 2 to keep his hopes alive and there was Harris, defending his line for four whole laps. And suddenly, on the last corner of the last lap, makes a small mistake, they cross the line together, as one, replay required. Five whole minutes, impossible to decide, and the referee gives it to Harris. So Gollob at the age of 39 wins his first Speedway World Title after 16 years of trying. He also pipped Harris out in the final to win the meeting as well. If you want an example of an excellent Speedway meeting, I suggest watching this one.

I know mate, I do get a bit excited talking about speedway. But it happens yeah?

Wait, you want more? Oh fine.

  • The as ever awersome Alex Andronov had a unique show yesterday, and I don't think I could do it justice explaining it here. So if you have a spare hour in your day, head over and listen to some pretty cool stuff.
  • An interesting note for you all, the troubled ex-Tottenham player Paul Gascoigne is now manager of Garforth Town. Who are a fairly average non-league team. Gazza also managed Kettering Town before being sacked due to his drinking problems. My most interesting piece is from the chairman, who insist this isn't a publicity stunt. By contrast, this is the same team who signed Socrates, Careca and Lee Sharpe. Basically the first two are Brazillian legends and Sharpe played in the Premier League with some team called Manchester United. Yeah, not a publicity stunt at all...

You look tired after that, sorry if I've went on too long. You can go now.

What do you mean you are stuck? Well you might as well post a comment then, I know you want to, lurking isn't good for your health*, so pop in and say hi. Have a lovely Monday.

*Based on unscientific research

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