Do you remember what happened on this day one year ago?

Sorry, Tottenham's 3-0 defeat to Chelsea did happen (and we should have got a penalty when it was 1-0 too) but that wasn't the answer I was looking for. What sorry, speak up, can't hear you. The Great North Run, yes that great run in the north east of England did happen, but again, I was looking at something slightly more important.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, today exactly a year ago we were enjoying the first ever Sidepodradio. Remember that, things such as Formula 1, space and of course cooking packed into just twelve hours. It was some day. And thanks to the awesome archives, you can relieve each and every second of that day, including my particular highlights:

  • Bias out of the way first, see how badly my predictions turned out to be in 'The Nostradamus Effect' (Franck Montagny to USF1, it was a good idea).
  • The hilarious 'Whose Start Line is it Anyway?' as hosted by Nick, which was just a brilliant 30 minutes.
  • Sebastian was great in the short segment 'And Now, the News', which was also funny.
  • And it was all capped off with Mrs C performing a live version of the hit, 'Felipe Baby'

And if you do have all the time in the world (or twelve hours, that'll be fine too), you can still watch all of the radio show if you so desire. So after that little anniversary special, the proper bulletpoints:

  • F1 news, there's got to be some somewhere, I'm not even sure GMM could think up any. Ooooh, Jérôme d'Ambrosio to replace Lucas di Grassi for a few of the remaining practice sessions this season? (Not sure of the site so it could be GMM). Or do we have to settle for the news that Championship leader Mark Webber is starting some DIY work on a new kitchen. I think he's deserved one so far this season. Who knows, win the championship and he might even get a new living room too.
  • Thankfully other motorsports did stuff and it looks like the IndyCar title will be going to the final race at Homestead-Miami in two weeks time. Will Power leads Dario Franchitti by 12 points, which I think is close considering it is 50 points for a win. Elsewhere there will be a four way battle in the BTCC championship which is heading for the final race at Brands Hatch. Anything else? Probably not. No doubt there was some NASCAR going on, there usually is.
  • I know Amanda will run around the weekends football tomorrow but some sad news... I'm afraid the greatest player in the injured. In a horrific challenge by the team Diego Forlan plays for he suffered some ligament damage ruling him out for up to a month. It comes after some of the best players in the world, Michael Dawson, Jermain Defoe included, who all ended up on the long term injury list.
  • On that I feel its a good time to finish, do check out my new blog Sauber Insight which will hopefully begin to fill up with posts in the upcoming days. And a happy birthday to former F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya, who is still in NASCAR, I think, everyone usually is.

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