Good morrow to all! It’s once again Friday and that means it’s nearly time for the weekend so let;s have a good Friday to see out our first few days away from Formula 1. How have you been coping this week after the season finished? I watched the BBC season montage yesterday again and I got all sad that the season was all done but it’s such a cool video. There's some Pirelli tire testing going on today at the eternal joy that is Abu Dhabi which I'm sure will be featuring in the comments today and isn't it just lovely to see such retro looking tyres back? Love it! Anyways, we gotta get on with today so let’s see what’s in store for your reading accompaniment on this wintery Friday.

Paddock News

FIA Presidents Aren’t Supposed to Make Sense! - I’m so confused by this. Someone pinch me because this is something I didn’t really expect at all. So Jean Todt is going to start taking notice of rubbish tracks and making modifications to improve the racing for F1 which is just... well, marvellous! I hope it actually makes a difference. That’s right, Mr Abu Dhabi circuit, I’m looking at you. And all of you others, you better shape up! Or F1 will shape you up! Literally. Also, you may be interested to know that should-be-FIA-President Ari Vatanen has announced his return to twitter like a Malteser that has rolled away being put back into the packet. YAY! On the topic of circuits in F1...

I’ve Had a Thought, And It’s about Thursdays - Ah I love Thursday Thoughts so very much. OK so it isn't technically paddock news but I couldn’t miss this Giggles-esque link between different stuff. So Thursday Thoughts is back with Christine kicking off the action this week asking what 3 circuits we find the worst in F1 and how we could change them and there were some awesome responses. Make you sure give some time today to read the responses from Christine ,F1 Wolf, Jackie over at Viva F1, Turkey Machine, Jordan F1, Steven Roy and myself. I highly advise people to get themselves involved next Thursday and to keep an eye out for a new topic!

And Over to Ted, With the Latest News - I’m afraid this only goes out to the UK folk reading, because of the BBC’s restrictions, but Ted Kravitz has been reporting with his latest instalment of his always informative news. A highlight of this video definitely has to be Ted randomly shouting BUEMI!! at Rosberg for... some reason and Ted battling with a huge celebration behind him. Although I do not approve of Jenson saying Lewis is his best team mate ever. That’s great and all, but does he have as many letters in his name as Rubens Barrichello?! I THINK NOT!


Nick Heidfeld Likes Flags. A Lot. - I’ll be honest with you guys. There is no reason for this little paragraph except the fact that I wanted to include a bit about Nick heidfeld. I mean, just look how happy he is in that picture! I’ve never seen someone so happy about having an ickle flag like that! Whereas poor Bobby K is just bored. So very... very bored. I don’t know how I managed to end up looking at BMW Sauber pictures last night but man they had some crazy PR stunts. Although this picture of a time, long long ago, in a simpler world when Nick had no beard almost made me spontaneously combust. He must have let it have some sleep in the back of the garage or something. Right?

More Joe Meek than Kris Meeke With Furninture Like That - Check out this video of rally driver Kris Meeke trying out the upcoming Dirt 3 game for all you rally fans in the nearby future. How cool would it be to have one of them seats he is driving in for this demonstration? They look insane fun! But Meeke was trying out the game whilst the WRC was down in my part of the woods in South Wales and I thought it was pretty cool how he gave the game a go. Although I want that seat. Who needs a settee when you have a shakey crazy chair?!

The Kinect Robots Are Coming! Run! Run For Your Lives! - It;s only been out a few weeks, it’s already made Christine wonder about it and the inevitable is starting to happen. In a Robot Wars-esque turn of events, Kinect is starting to already decide what it’s going to do as seen in this little bitty robot that can tell where to go and also be told by others were to go too. Maybe we can tell it to go to Greggs and get some food. Bit advanced I suppose. Still, I welcome our new Kinect overlords and let it be know how much of a fan I am of their crazy technology no matter what my blog post said.

And Now For Something Slightly Different

I Hope Twitter and Flickr have a Pie-Down. - This story stunned me on so many levels. Basically, Myspace have announced they are having a ‘mash-up’ with Facebook, which is just stunning. Why? Well I’m gobsmacked Myspace is still going to be honest. I thought it went out of fashion years ago. Nevertheless, they haven’t made a deal with Facebook, they’ve decided to have a mash-up which, quite frankly, sounds delicious. Sadly they’re just including more Facebook stuff and nothing regarding potato-based products. Sigh. Bodger and badger, Bodger and badger...

The Daily Listen: Mew – Frengers: Not Quite Friends But Not Quite Strangers. – Gavin may be happy to know I’ve gone for Danish alternative band Mew with my choice of album this week. Yes, that’s right Mew. It’s like a singular version of Muse really isn’t it? Maybe that’s why I like them. I also love the fact they made up a word just for their album because Frengers does indeed mean someone who is not quite a friend but isn't a stranger... Frenger! Brilliant! better than guesstimate anyways. But this is a very good album, released back in 2003 when Rubens was still at Ferrari and Nick Heidfeld’s beard was still in it’s infancy. She Spider is a huge standout track on the album, I really do love it and I hope if you’re a fan of alternative rock that you give the album a go.

Well I’m done for another week then it seems. If you’re a UK resident I’m sure you’re very aware of the fact tonight is Children in Need where lots of money is raised for wonderful causes and the BBC air questionable programming but luckily the FBFB will be live along with the show so make sure if you’re around to join in with the fun tonight! I shall see you lovely people in the comments.

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