A happy image to start a happy day!

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A happy image to start a happy day!

Hello my lovely friends, it's Friday again! Time goes so fast these days, but here we are about to end another week. How has yours been? Personally it'd been a bit of a rollercoaster for me, with ups and down that Hermann Tilke could only dream of incorporating into his tracks but as the weekend is approaching it's good to stay positive and look forward to it by having a good Friday. Not the Good Friday good Friday, although that is a good Friday, just our own little good Friday. Is that good? Good! also, how awesome was Alex's daily yesterday? I wish I could even offer something anywhere near as creative but I hope this is good enough!

Paddock News

Melbourne may be a better idea right now... - It seems impossible to avoid the politics side of this story but I'll do my best to keep the unecessary bits to a minimum. Unrest in Bahrain and protests being turned from peaceful to violent seems to be putting the Bahrain Grand Prix in jeopardy right now, which is understandable. The scary thing is the fact the GP2 teams are there, which has led to this weekend's race being cancelled, but obviously the FIA need to think of the huge risks going to this country when such uproar is causing distress. Whilst F1 is just a sport and nothing compared to the changes being undertaking from citizens across the middle east right now, it's surely the best idea to cancel the Bahrain race and look at Melbourne for the first race of the season if these problems don't die down by next week.

Anando's Softer Side - I felt this was a nice, new interview worth sharing around of Fernando talking about how he visited Kubica in the hospital and the initial fear of his manager telling him that it wasn't so clear cut that Robert would survive which is pretty scary. I don't think I fully estimated how good friends these guys were but they have a long history together, and it's good to see Anando looking so confident about his friend's recovery. It's also worth pointing out that he agrees drivers should be free to do the risks they take with their hobbies, and this made me realise how it's good that we haven't had teams suddenly going crazy with not letting drivers do their own thing.


Introducing the new BBC iBlowingMyMindWhyIsITVOnHerePlayer - Well shiver me timbers my Monkey Island friends, what on earth is going on here then? It seems if you're in the UK you can now find ITV and other channels like Channel 5 on the iPlayer. The iPlayer!!! Unbelievable, Jeff. OK so it links to that other website it's on but still, it's nice that it's there. In fact I just watched an episode of the Mr Men because of it. I find it slightly mindblowing it all comes together seamlessly in the searching too. Also, how awesome is this news? Well it should be awesome if better programming comes along... ahem.

GREAT NEWS, SCOTT!! Wait, that's not right... heavy though. - Hurrah for new Back to the Future related stuff! I think I said a few weeks ago that the first episode of the Back to the Future adventure games from Telltale had been released and now Episode 2 is here! Hurrah! How very awesome. I've played a bit of the first episode and it's fantastically created, and had every bit of humour you would except from something related to Back to the Future so this I'm sure will be a great new episode.

And Finally...

Snake? SNAKE?! SNAAKKKEE!! - Metal Gear Solid is awesome, and so is blogging. When you combine the two, it created for a giant flan of awesomeness and that's exactly what I've made by blogging about how much I adore the Metal Gear games and talking about which one is my favourite. I mean, you just can't beat Solid Snake right? The man is an absolute legend and the best protagonist for anything ever. Just look at how much he loves his cardboard box in Metal Gear Solid 3. It is his destiny! I wish I had a cardboard box.

Rosebud, Rosebud, Rosebud - Yesterday I realised something that I feel very ashamed to not bring up last week, so this week I aim to make sure we remember the awesomeness that is The Sims! You see, last Friday celebrated the 11th Anniversary of the release of the original Sims game, 11 whole years eh? That link is a classic bit of music from when you were building in the game and it's a total nostalgia overload for me. It led to many utter disasters that my Sims lived in and often wet themselves in whilst shouting at me for not getting their food and fixing the computer. Just like real life. It also led me to wondering if in real life we should all have this music on when actually doing DIY? Anyways, when you're doing real life DIY I'm not sure there's a way to press CTRL+SHIFT+C and typing in rosebud constantly to help.

And that's that for another week. Before I go, why don't you visit the Sidepodcast last.fm group and join up? By the looks of things, I guess Lou will be happy to see Coldplay was the most played artists in the group this week. Please do join up if you have a last.fm account! Last week I left you with Brandon Flowers singing an acoustic version of his fabulous Crossfire song and this week I'm going to go for something quite similar, again an acoustic performance but this time from James Dean Bradfield of the Manic Street Preachers singing their iconic Design for Life. Again a lead singer with such a remarkable voice, it really shines out in this performance and I reckon you may enjoy it too. They're performing at the Cardiff International Arena with tickets going on sale today, and I'm desperate to find someone to go so that will be my own goal today I think! anyways, whatever your day is made of, I hope you too have a lovely Friday.

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