Can I start off with a rant? Yes, yes I can, South Shields got a mention of this weeks XFactor and trended on twitter. This makes me deeply unhappy, since South Shields is, in my eyes, worse than Middlesbrough. Am I saying this because I much prefer North Shields, yes, yes I am. It a brilliant place, has a lovely fish quay, the poeple are always lovely and the likes of Michael Carrick (his brother is a goalkeeping coach and has indeed coached me a few times), Neil Tennant and Steve Watson (who is a brilliant person). South Shields, aside from Sir Frank Williams, no one, not a great place and the port isn't a patch on the one from the North.

If anyone from South Shields is reading this, then hi, I'm sure you are a lovely person but the place you live in isn't as nice.

Right, time for some bulletpoint beauties, before I get into even more trouble...

  • Ahh, Japan. Home of many failed F1 drivers, Nakajima, Yamamoto, Takagi. And of course the fabulous Suzuka race circuit. Lets be honest, the race was below average. Saved only by a bit of first lap carnage and simply brilliant drive by the one and only Kamui Kobayashi. You know the score, there is reviews from Lukeh, Leigh, points update from Sebastian and a lovely new F1 Minute (with a lovely new blog post explaining how its working these days).
  • The race may not have decided many things, but followers of the New Teams Championship, there is a champion in the series, sadly, the battle didn't go down to Abu Dhabi as the winner was simply too good for the rest of the field. There is still a thrilling battle for second going on, and even the Teams Championship, which is slightly one sided but not yet decided.
  • It is the final stages of the Commonwealth Games in Dehli, but there is still tons of medals to be won in the next three days. There is the conclusion to the athletics, tennis, hockey and starting today for two days only is the Rugby Sevens. Which is like Rugby Union, only with less players, and being better. There are twelve games today lasting fourteen minutes featuring the great nations of England, Wales, Scotland, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand etc. Do catch it.
  • I'm afraid to say that on Saturday, it was the final round of the Speedway GP. It was won by Andreas Jonsonn who was seemingly missing all season until the final race. Chris Harris crept into the semi's, held on to get to the final and finished second, without anyone really knowing how he did it. Polish wildcard Janusz Kolodziej had a storming meeting but only finished third. New World Champion Tomasz Gollob injured his ligaments in a motocross crash and struggled to compete, finishing the night after only three rides. The top 8, who automatically go through for next years event is Gollob, Hampel, Crump, Holta, Hancok, Harris, Bjerre and Holder. They join GP Challenge winners Artem Laguta, Antonio Lindback and Fredrik Lindgren. There are four more spaces up for grabs, and these are chosen by the series promoters later this month. In better news, Newcastle Diamonds are two steps away from a chance to be in the Elite League after beating Birmingham by just two points on aggregate, 92-90. They play Sheffield next week.
  • That should be all from me today. Time to readjust my body clock after the early mornings and in effect, have a lie in tomorrow before going to school. Enjoy your Monday.

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