Jools' Annual Hootenanny 2010/11

It's New Year's Eve and that can only mean one thing. Jools is back to guide us through the great and the good of music whilst simultaneously counting down to midnight. New Year's would be nothing without a good Hootenanny.

Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol

I'm not sure I can link this to Formula 1 at all. Erm, except that this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special has Michael Gambon in it, and he has a corner named after him on the Top Gear track, which Formula 1 people have also driven around. Ha. I did it. Katherine Jenkins is also in it, but she doesn't have a corner named after her. She was on this year's Sports Personality event, though, and Frank Williams appeared on stage. Double bonus!

Back to the cat

It's that time to think about loading your comments in the wonderful creation that is Dashboard. Yes, it's Apple event time again folks.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 25. The final

One month ago, the hosts South Africa played Mexico in the opening game at Soccer City. The game featured a memorable strike from Siphiwe Tshabalala and their Macarena-esque celebration. Now, on the 11th July, the Netherlands and Spain go head to head to win the World Cup for the very first time.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 24

There are just two matches left in the World Cup, and because they've been dragging it out for days and days now, I'm only mildly interested in the results. Not only that, but today's meet between Uruguay and Germany is completely pointless. They're battling for third place, something neither of them will be particularly bothered about, I'm sure. Who sits down and remembers the team that came third in the 2010 World Cup?

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 23

Today sees the second semifinal of the 2010 World Cup, and isn't it a cracker: Germany versus Spain. Just 4 years ago, we saw Schumacher vs Alonso for the F1 crown. This time, we see their respective football teams take to the pitch for the chance to face the Netherlands in Johannesburg.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 22

Hello one and all to one of the Semi Finals of the World Cup! Tonight we find out which of the four teams currently left in the World Cup (Germany, Uruguay, Holland or Spain) will become the world champions within football. Can the resilient Germans go all the way? Will it be the unexpected surprise of Uruguay who keep up their fine run of form? Can the bright Dutch bring back a touch of total football to international football? Or can the Spanish Spanish who show why Spanish football may be helping the success of the Spanish team? It all sounds Spanish to me, but tonight's game will surely bring us a step closer to understanding who, as Tina Turner so evidently put it, is Simply The Best. Of course, none of these teams are because they didn't get a chance to beat/play Wales in the World Cup, so at least they will be second best.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 13

Welcome to the final day of Wimbledon 2010 - it is men's final day, and there's a reason they leave this one till last. We were all (except Amy) kinda hoping that Andy Murray would make it through to the final, but the power of Nadal was just too much and it's only right that the 2008 championship comes back to have another chance for the title.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 21

Hi everyone, the football writing duties have fallen to me today. That’s right, I take no interest in the sport at all, but I made a deal with Mr C, so here I am. Look out for Mr C’s Wimbledon post by the way. I’ll ask that you take into consideration my lack of football knowledge throughout this post, but we’ve all got to start learning sometimes I suppose.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 12

Whilst in something of a grumpy mood yesterday, I hit upon the idea of Speed Sporting. In short, it's a means to make sport entertaining for people with busy lives. Admittedly, not many people approved of the idea of shortening an F1 race to two laps, or a football match to just penalties, but I shall not be deterred.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 20

Is this competition still going? After a two day break from football, I'd given up and moved on with my life. Much like a 19 race Grand Prix calendar, this World Cup is beginning to outstay its welcome by an event or three.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 11

It is Men's Semi-Finals day, and it's shaping up to be a good one! That is, if the weather holds out. We've experienced a good ten days of beautiful sunshine (and rather a lot of humidity too) but it looks as though the rain is making a breakthrough. Centre Court has it's roof, of course, but it's not quite the same atmosphere under there as it is when they get to play in the golden light of British summertime.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 10

If we thought Tuesday was full of surprises, then Wednesday at Wimbledon offered up the biggest shock so far. Roger Federer has only gone and been knocked out of the tournament! I don't think anyone would have predicted that, even though he has appeared to struggle a couple of times so far.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 9

It was a rather confusing day of tennis yesterday, as the women took to the courts to try and sort out who would be going through to the semi finals. Very few of the names we expected to go through managed to achieve it though! I don't know about anyone else, but I was absolutely expecting to see another "Williams/Williams" final at Wimbledon this year. Now we know that at least half of that is not going to happen.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 8

Somehow Lou volunteered me to write a post on tennis despite me not knowing a lot about it. I know the basic rules etc but I am not up to date on the players or who is still in the tournament and who has lost already. When I look at something I am not familiar with I try to look it in terms I do understand.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 19

It's another day of world cup action, and my time for writing one more football related post has arrived earlier than expected. It cannot be that fans interest has waned since England were dumped out of the competition can it? Still, less of England means we'll see a better class of football, but before we talk about that, let us discuss typography.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 18

It is my Inaugural turn to write the post for Day 18 of the World Cup. Now I know nothing about Football, and by the looks of it, neither do the England team, but I don't think it's time to give my national team a hard time, like the rest of the armchair enthusiasts will be doing.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 7

Hello everyone, it’s a brand new week down at SW19 and after a very special opening week let’s hope we can expect more of the same brilliant tennis matches over the next 7 days. After the traditional ‘Middle Sunday’ day off, let’s quickly look back to what happened on Saturday to refresh our memories.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 17

England meet their age old foes in the second round of the 2010 World Cup after both having some dodgy games in the group stages. England remain unbeaten so far in the competition, whereas Germany lost to group losers Serbia in the opening matches. Germany finished top of their group with 6 points but England struggled into second spot after a 0-1 win over Slovenia on Wednesday.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 6

Hello everyone, I think it falls to me to cover the fabulous tennis today and this could be a problem as I have only managed to catch a couple of hours over the last couple of days. I have seen all the important bits though, so bear with me. The bad news is that this is the final day of the first week, as Wimbledon takes a break tomorrow for "Middle Sunday".