Wimbledon 2011: Day 3

It was a big day all round yesterday, with Roger Federer easing through to the second round, the big battle between Isner and Mahut over in straight sets, and Sharapova also making a great start to her Wimbledon campaign. That was yesterday, though, and today there are even greater things in store (potentially). The schedule shapes up something like this:

Wimbledon 2011: Day 2

As Noddy Holder once famously sang, 'So here it is Merry Wimbledon, Everybody's having fun, Look to the future now, It's only just begun'. I believe that's what he really meant anyways as we're into Day 2 of the 2 week Wimbledon fun times!

Wimbledon 2011: Day 1

Hello everyone, Lou here bringing you day 1 of everybody’s favourite grass court grand slam! It may be the only slam played on grass, but it’s certainly many people’s (especially the players!) tournament of the year.

French Open 2011 - Men's Final

Yesterday, we watched Li Na take victory over defending champion Francesca Schiavone, in two hard fought but relatively easy sets. Today, Roger Federer will be hoping to do the same to Rafael Nadal, the 2010 French Open champion. It's the men's final, the culmination of two weeks excellent tennis on the clay courts.

French Open 2011 - Women's Final

The second Grand Slam event of the year has been in progress for the past couple of weeks, with the great and the good of the tennis world playing their hearts out at Roland Garros. The French Open has seen plenty of surprises this year, particularly on the women's side of the draw, and it has all been building up to today, the women's final.

Doctor Who - The Curse of the Black Spot

It looks as though things may go back to normal in Doctor Who land, as we have a regular one-episode story with less of the Doctor dying and more of the swashbuckling pirates. Considering all the questions that were raised over the last two episodes, we're unlikely to get too many answers today, but it could be a more enjoyable episode because of it.

Doctor Who - Day of the Moon

After the series opener last week, we're heading into the second episode of this Doctor Who two-part story. We were thrown right into the heart of the action last time out, with scenes played out with a Doctor from 200 years in the future, the gang finding their way into the Oval Office, and Amy revealing a big secret.

Space Shuttle Launch STS-134

Today should have been the launch of the last shuttle mission ever but NASA knew that sidepodcast would miss it too much so we have one last bonus mission after this. Today however is the last mission for the shuttle Endeavour. Rather than waffle on at length I will just give few relevant facts.

The Royal Wedding 2011

Love them or hate them, the Royals are adding to their rich history today, as Prince William - second in line to the throne - marries his long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton. Since the couple announced their engagement towards the end of last year, the spotlight has inched ever closer to them, until this week when things ramped up royally (pardon the pun).

Doctor Who - The Impossible Astronaut

I'm over 900 years old, I really like Fez's, I've had more makeovers than a house in an episode of DIY SOS and I can be found eating fish fingers and custard - 'Who' am I? Oh hoh, that's a clever one that. It's time for some Doctor Who!

The 2011 Boat Race

It's time, once again, for the Oxford and Cambridge rowing clubs to put out their finest students for a little boat race down the River Thames. Lasting just about twenty minutes, the race is both exhilarating and thrilling to watch as the crews battle it out for supremacy. There is no middle ground - someone will win and someone will lose and to cross the finish line first means everything for those involved.

Crashed Ice, Round 4 - Québec, Canada

After three amazing initial rounds, Crashed Ice reaches the final, the pinnacle of the calendar in Québec, Canada. In 2010, Martin Neifnecker was crowned champion here, but he's already out of the running, allowing new challengers to compete. It's fast and furious, and soon to be over, so make the most of the final Crashed Ice of the 2011 season.

Space Shuttle Discovery landing - STS-133 mission

The Space Shuttle Discovery is due to come in to land today, just before 5pm GMT. We watched the shuttle go up successfully almost two weeks ago. Since then, there's been all manner of space walks and scientific experiments, but now it's time for Discovery to come back down to earth for the final time.

Apple iPad 2 Keynote

Today, Apple are holding an event where we are expecting confirmation about the second generation of iPad. The Apple store has gone down, the crowds are assembling, the livebloggers are preparing. Soon we will find out what's next for the tablet world. The tagline of this keynote reads: "Come see what 2011 will be the year of."

Crashed Ice, Round 3 - Moscow, Russia

Crashed Ice heads to Moscow for the third and penultimate round of the 2011 World Championship. We've already seen two epic battles take place in Germany and the Netherlands, and things are getting close at the top.

Space Shuttle Discovery launch - STS-133 mission

The Space Shuttle Discovery is due to launch this evening just before 10pm GMT. We've long been interested in the science behind space travel, and have perused a few launches before. For the first time in Sidepodhistory, we've got a live thread for the launch, as well as what I'm hoping will be quite awesome Factbyte Factbox coverage.

Superbowl XLV

Well we have finally arrived at the climax to the NFL season and the big talking point is the weather. We have two teams who are used to playing in freezing conditions and while we expected to be discussing how they would adapt to the heat of Dallas instead Dallas has snow. I wonder what the odds were of two teams from the frozen north meeting in the Superbowl in Dallas while Dallas was snowbound. Anyone betting on that at the start of the season would have made enough money to get a black market ticket to the game.

Crashed Ice, Round 2 - Valkenburg, Netherlands

It's time for the second round of that super speedy sport Crashed Ice, where very brave (and foolish) chaps on skates race down a course to try and be the first to get to the bottom unharmed. We watched, live commented, and thoroughly enjoyed the first round in Munich, and now the action moves on to the Netherlands.

Live NFL - Not quite the Superbowl

Tonight we have the conference championship games which are effectively the semi-finals of the superbowl. The NFL is made up of two conferences; American and National and the winners of those conferences meet at the superbowl which this year takes place at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in Texas on February 6th starting at 11pm UK time which is 5pm local(Central) time.

Crashed Ice, Round 1 - Munich, Germany

Last year, we really enjoyed watching the Crashed Ice final, taking place in Quebec. We liked it so much that we live commented the whole thing. At the time, we barely had any idea what was going on, and didn't realise that we had missed some earlier rounds until at least partway through. This year, although we're still not a lot wiser in terms of who is taking part (although I will always remember the name Niefnecker), we've managed to catch the event from it's very beginning.