Daily: 15th December 2008

We're still coming down from the Race of Champions high, but now it is time to turn our attention back to Formula 1. There's more testing going on this week, so there should be plenty to keep our eye on, although it will no doubt be more of the same - not knowing who is actually fast, and who is just running 2008 rather than 2009 setups.

Daily: 14th December 2008

It's Race of Champions day, and with that, plus the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards being given out, and a show today, we're going to be rushed off our feet - just how we like it.

Daily: 13th December 2008

Not sure what to write really, nothing much happened today, did it? Oh yea, except for Max's small press release that has changed the entire future of Formula 1. There's so much to discuss that it really can't be covered in a small list.

Daily: 12th December 2008

I'm on the mend! I know you're all so very glad to hear it. What have I missed whilst I have been moping around feeling sorry for myself and my poor red nose? It would seem to be quite a lot, although not as much as I was hoping from those boys testing in Jerez.

Daily: 11th December 2008

So remind me, how does this work again? We're down one Sidepodmember today, as the girl picked up a bit of a cold after experiencing fresh air recently - it's a dangerous world out there people, be warned.

Daily: 10th December 2008

It's been a relatively quiet day both on the blog and for Formula 1. I think we're all recovering from the shock of last weekend, me included. I stepped out of my front door again, big mistake, and have picked up yet more germs.

Daily: 9th December 2008

Well, this must be the latest a daily post has gone up. We're all about setting records here at Sidepodcast. It was a bit of a manic evening last night, with everything in its power trying to stop us from recording a live show.

Daily: 8th December 2008

We've been away for the weekend, and appear to have missed out on a lot of commenting fun, but normal service has now been resumed - except for that emergency Debrief tonight. Until then, there seems to be plenty going on that needs discussing, although not all of it F1 related.

Daily: 7th December 2008

We've not been around much today, and have only managed to keep an occasional eye on the comments. We'll tell you more about what we've been up to in this week's emergency show. Apparently, Honda didn't like the idea of us having a holiday.

Daily: 6th December 2008

The shock of Honda's exit from the sport is starting to fade now, and we're just left with a lot of questions about who is going to buy the team and what it means for them. We've covered this in a couple of posts yesterday, so let's try and look at something else for Saturday.

Daily: 5th December 2008

Obviously, the only thing worth talking about at the moment is Honda's withdrawal from the sport, and that has it's own thread being speculated upon as we speak. Yesterday was a pretty awful day all round, so I'll just list a few things that might make today better, but then again, they might not.

Daily: 4th December 2008

Ah-ha! I have remembered to write the post. This is a good thing, but if anyone has any tips for remembering things, I would love to hear them. My memory isn't what it used to be, or something like that. However, enough about me, there's plenty going on in F1 at the moment, as well as in the comments.

Daily: 3rd December 2008

So there I am minding my own business, busily tweaking the cantankerous Eee PC only to discover there's discontent in the comments because madam's forgotten to write a post again. It just so happens there is a December the 3rd this year, and here's a post to prove it.

Daily: 2nd December 2008

Monday is overwith, and there's the last in the series of Sidepodpanel for you to get your teeth into. However, if you are done with that, then there are also some good conversations going on in the comments.

Daily: 1st December 2008

It's December already? How time flies. There has been some consternation in the comments recently about the lack of F1 news and whether the off season is a good or a bad thing. I think that should be our first topic of discussion.

Daily: 30th November 2008

Thankfully there are no nasty "Mark Webber breaks leg" stories floating around today, and with the revelation that "me" slept until 4pm, it's probably a good thing. Clearly at the Red Bull factory he didn't quite get enough Red Bull. Nevertheless, here's what's being discussed in the comments at the moment.

Daily: 29th November 2008

We're heading into another weekend now, where F1 headlines tends to tail off. Last week we were confronted with the news that Webber was in hospital, so if that's the kind of off-season topics we have in store, I'd rather keep playing I Spy!

Daily: 28th November 2008

It's been a day of strange goings on, as Donington Park announced they would be making the 2010 British GP car free. It's not what you think, they want spectators to arrive by public transport, but this is just a bizarre thing to ask for of people attending a motorsport event.

Daily: 27th November 2008

Bernie seems to be doing his damnedest to make himself unpopular with Formula 1 fans. Firstly the calendar shenanigans and now brazenly suggesting he's got all the teams onside with his medals idea. Some people don't think it's such a bad system, whilst others think it's completely pointless and unnecessary.

Daily: 26th November 2008

The big news of the moment is Red Bull's return to two-team ownership, as Mateschitz buys out Berger's half of Toro Rosso. This raises many, many questions, and is what we've been talking about in the comments. Well, that and a game of Space I Spy, obviously.