Daily: 20th July 2011

Another Wednesday is here. I have to say I like Wednesdays - mainly on account of them being sort of midweek, but also because they are one of the few days I don't have to run the teen somewhere, and because they are the day before bin day and I like to see how we mainly have pink bags outside when most of the street is black bags all the way...

Daily: 18th July 2011

Good morning sidepodders! Happy Monday, even though I think we'll all agree that this is our collective least favourite day of the week. I hope you get to the end of this with a slightly perkier outlook on today.

Daily: 17th July 2011

Hey everyone! Welcome to Sunday, I hope you’re all having a lovely day whatever you’re up to. As it’s not a Grand Prix Sunday I thought I’d focus on finding some fun links for you this week.

Daily: July 16th 2011

Sometimes I tell people I'm the guy who manages three out of four of the Saturdays, and the say to me, 'You are one lucky geeza, them girls are well fit, innit. But ain't there five of 'em?'

Daily: 15th July 2011

Oh, hello there. Funny seeing you round these parts! Thing is. I don't have the internet at the moment (thank you unnamed internet provider of whom are related to an F1 team) so this may be a bit of an odd Daily. It is me, Lukeh, I promise you. Luckily with these internet issues Christine has very kindly published this for me. Nevertheless it is of course Friday and all of this daily has been put together using a HTC Desire, 3G and a lot of patience. Hurrah!! So let's see what awesome there is to share today.

Daily: 14th July 2011

Hello everyone, and a happy Bastille Day if you happen to be French (or particularly revolutionary). A very good excuse for wine, cheese, croissants, or pain au chocolat as Amy did.

Daily: 13th July 2011

Welcome to another day! Its Wednesday the 13th of July and day minus 326. You'll notice that I am not your usual Wednesday person :-) And that this is therefore not the usual Wednesday post.

Daily: 12th July 2011

Hello Sidepodcast fans, it is Tuesday the 12th July 2011. Two days removed from the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. I hope your start to the week has been good, but fear not Tuesdays are generally better than Mondays

Daily: 11th July 2011

Good morning Sidepodworld! Breaking news! Sebastian Vettel didn't win yesterday. Shame. I hope he'll get back again to the first place in two weeks. Yes, I am a Red Bull fan, any problem? Well... finally Alonso was the one who reached success at Silverstone.

Daily: 10th July 2011

I hope you're just as excited for the British Grand Prix as I am because it's going to be awesome! I'm not talking about wings or diffusers or any of that nonsense, today it's all about racing and having a brilliant Sunday!

Daily: 9th July 2011

Today would normally be Amy's Heikki News Monthly, but I suspect that timezones have got in the way again. To honour what should be the content of this daily, here are five tweets from Heikki recently.

Daily: 8th July 2011

You missed me didn't you? It is fine to admit it.

Daily: 7th July 2011

Hidley Ho, Sidepoderinos! It's another day and it's another daily. And this time, it's slightly different to my last two. Thank god. This weekend, millions of eyes all over the world will be fixated on Silverstone for the 2011 British Grand Prix, which is convenient, since a Formula 1 race will be happening at the time. And not a hint of a mention of Donington in sight. Things are good. However, as I type this, I am still reflecting on events 2 weekends ago. For those of you young enough to have been aware of it, between 1999 and 2003 Channel 5 screened a TV show called The Tribe. It was a post-apocalyptic teen drama filmed in New Zealand, in which all the adults had been killed off by a mysterious virus and the kids were left to fend for themselves and survive on their own. The show has gained cult status and its fandom thrives to this day. On Sunday 26th of June New Zealand time, there took place an event called The Tribal Gathering, a special 13-hour marathon - set up by Cloud 9, the production company behind The Tribe - of discussions, quizzes, behind-the-scenes videos and live chats with some of the actors. It also featured a video introduction by the show's creator Raymond Thompson (who, incidentally, has written scripts for EastEnders and Howard's Way). The on-line marathon began on Sunday morning in New Zealand, which was Saturday night UK time. This meant I carried on until 4am before I called it a day - or morning, rather. However, it also meant that I did watch the IndyCar Series race at Iowa after all. And no, Takuma Sato did not make it an entire race without crashing into something or even going off the track, as I had ruminated on last fortnight's Daily.

Daily: 6th July 2011

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? There’s not too much F1 news out there as the teams are busy preparing for Silverstone, but here are some links you might enjoy...

Daily: 5th July

Apologies for the lateness of this daily, Sidepodders, it has been sunny up here in Edinburgh and my brain has quite clearly melted in such unusual circumstances. Anyway, onwards with the news.

Daily: 4th July 2011

Happy Monday Sidepodders! I hope today finds you in good cheer, with a week stretching out ahead of you full of promise and exciting things.

Daily: 3rd July 2011

Hello everyone! Goodness me I’ve had a busy few days, and because of my adventures (pictures and blog posts coming soon) I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Daily: 1st July 2011

Why did the man cross the road? To get to the GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED!! Well, he had to cross quite a few roads because it's quite far out and not in the hippy sense. Although it is quite far out, man. But seriously, it's quite far out. What I'm trying to say is, welcome to Friday 1st July.