Daily: 5th March 2009

Just one more day of testing to tide us over until next week, but it's been a pretty interesting ride so far. Here's what we've been talking about recently...

Daily: 4th March 2009

Testing continues today, so we should have more in the way of times and pictures to share with each other, just like yesterday. Other things that are on our minds at the moment...

Daily: 3rd March 2009

Testing was a bit underwhelming yesterday with a few showers causing problems for the teams. Ferrari decided not to venture out at all so we can all start making fun about the red cars hating the wet weather again.

Daily: 2nd March 2009

We are thrown headlong into another week, but at least we have testing to keep us amused. The guys were throwing it around the track at Jerez yesterday, with Vettel fastest, so it will be interesting to keep an eye on them throughout today as well.

Daily: 1st March 2009

Here it is at last, March is officially Grand Prix month. Okay, we still have a good few weeks left, but isn't it nice to say the racing starts this month rather than next? Here's what we're keeping ourselves occupied with at the moment...

Daily: 28th February 2009

A nice, relaxing Saturday in store for Sidepodcast Towers. I intend to spend a good hour or so reading through F1 Racing before getting on with the usual weekend stuff. What are you guys up to?

Daily: 27th February 2009

Friday at last, and the massive news week I predicted seemed to come to nothing. However, there were plenty of things to discuss yesterday, that will keep us going through today.

Daily: 26th February 2009

Uh-oh, it's the dreaded Thursday. Last week I had to stare at pictures of baby panda's all day to make it bearable. If only I had a baby panda, that wouldn't be necessary. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, F1 discussions...

Daily: 25th February 2009

We're heading to the halfway point of the week, and we now have our USF1 announcement, but nothing from Honda as yet. Let's see what else is happening in the F1 world...

Daily: 24th February 2009

So, after my predictions of a fun-filled week, it was a quiet Monday to get us started. However, that just means there's all the more to enjoy today. Topics we're talking about at the moment, include...

Daily: 23rd February 2009

Monday rolls round again, and this week we are anticipating plenty of announcements regarding teams and their futures. If they're anything like Honda's previous statements, it will simply be a delay until further announcements, however, we shall wait and see.

Daily: 22nd February 2009

Sidepodchat day dawns, but there's plenty to talk about before then. Things are all quiet on the F1 front, so here are some tasty links from around the blogosphere.

Daily: 21st February 2009

Saturday at last, and we have had a week filled with testing, Honda rumours, Danica speculation, and talk of Bernie getting involved with as many deals as possible. Meanwhile, we continue to talk and discuss...

Daily: 20th February 2009

Friday at last. It's been a relatively slow news week, but things might be picking up again now. Whatever happens though, we can always find things to entertain ourselves with. Here's what we've been talking about recently...

Daily: 19th February 2009

Over the hump of the week now, and we're heading towards the weekend. Still an entire Thursday to go through first though, and Thursday's are rubbish. Nevertheless, I'll be keeping an eye on F1 news to keep going.

Daily: 18th February 2009

It really was a slow news day yesterday, with just a glimpse of testing in Bahrain to keep us entertained. Let's hope for more today, but until then, here's what we've found to talk about...

Daily: 17th February 2009

So far, we have all the signs of a slow news week, but as it is only Tuesday, things could soon pick up. Most of the stories we heard yesterday were speculation and rumour - but when has that ever stopped us?

Daily: 16th February 2009

Another week begins and we are faced with yet another Monday morning. Let's hope there will be plenty of F1 news flowing today, so we can take our minds off the Monday blues. Here's what we've been talking about over the weekend...

Daily: 15th February 2009

After a day of being nice to each other, Mr C and myself are looking to get stuck in with Formula 1 news and gossip. Has there been anything of late to keep us entertained? Let's see.

Daily: 14th February 2009

As pointed out by Flibster in the comments, it's some kind of special day today. The rest of the world is busy declaring their feelings for one another, so we intend to join in the fun with some Sidepodlove. Rather conveniently as it turns out, F1 is full of the stuff at the moment.