Daily: 23rd July 2009

Thursday is upon us already, and the only way to sum it up is the day between the F1 Digest Preview, and the F1 Digest Free Practice show. However, there are some interesting things rumbling along in the F1 paddock, and here's what we're talking about...

Daily: 22nd July 2009

Apparently it is rat-catcher's day today, which is not a pleasant thought to start the day with, but it does commemorate the Pied Piper of Hamelin, which makes it slightly better. Wikipedia says it is just like Secretary's Day, but presumably with more rats.

Daily: 21st July 2009

Monday is over already? What happened? Where did it go? If it wasn't such an unpopular day, I would ask for it back already. Oh, well, I guess I must turn my attention to Tuesday instead. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 20th July 2009

It was a terrible day in the world of motorsport yesterday, but here's hoping today is a better one. We've got lots going on in the world of Sidepodcast, which is good as we ramp up to the Hungarian weekend.

Daily: 19th July 2009

It seems to be a weekend of no news so far, which is on the one hand a bit of a relief, but on the other, makes the daily a little bit tricky. That means I have to fall back to Wikipedia for news, and apparently today is the day that the Mary Rose sank off the coast of Portsmouth in 1545. Now you know.

Daily: 18th July 2009

As it's the weekend, it's time to share the love and see what people have been blogging about. In fact, there are a lot of good posts doing the rounds at the moment, so here's just a few of them...

Daily: 17th July 2009

Friday has arrived at long last, and we are well on the way to getting to the weekend. There is news aplenty in the F1 world, so let's see what's going on...

Daily: 16th July 2009

Here we are then, hideous Thursday, although today is quite cool as it's the anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11. I know we have quite a lot of Sidepodspace fans, so that one is for you. Here are some other things we're talking about...

Daily: 15th July 2009

Middle of the week time again, and already attention has turned to Hungary. The rumours are that Piquet won't keep his seat at Renault, but haven't we been saying that all year? Anyway, here are some of the other things we're talking about...

Daily: 14th July 2009

On this day, six years ago, the US government confirmed the existence of Area 51. I know this isn't even remotely F1 related, but I do find the relation between potential extraterrestrial life and certain paddock regulars an interesting concept.

Daily: 13th July 2009

It's Jarno Trulli's birthday today, the Italian hitting the grand age of 35 years old. I wonder if he will have any of his wine to celebrate the day, or if he will be sulking over finishing the German Grand Prix in 17th place, whilst his pitlane starting friend in Glock ended up 9th. Poor Trulli.

Daily: 12th July 2009

I am writing this as we record during the live rehearsals, so forgive me if it doesn't make any sense. We thought we would try practising some more stuff, so if you want to see what happened, then check it out here.

Daily: 11th July 2009

Qualifying day, and if you're anything like us, this is the best day of the weekend. We're very much looking forward to watching the battle for pole position, and hope you'll join us when the live commenting threads appear.

Daily: 10th July 2009

Apparently, according to the people's encyclopedia, Dublin was founded on this day in 988AD. If ever there was cause for a celebratory Guinness that would be it, but get this - Odense in Denmark was founded on the same day. Double the fun!

Daily: 9th July 2009

It's tough being an F1 fan at the moment. If you're on Twitter, all you need is the hashtag #f1happyplace and you'll be fine. Whilst you're having a look at that, here are some SPC things to chat about...

Daily: 8th July 2009

I hope everyone is having a good week so far, but if not, it's the mid-point today - Wednesday. Things can only get better, and if they don't get better then we're closer to the weekend than we were before.

Daily: 7th July 2009

Today is the seventh day of the seventh month, and things are looking up in terms of Formula 1 news. Teams and drivers are starting to look forward to Germany, and in that case, so should we.

Daily: 6th July 2009

With both Goodwood and Wimbledon over and done with, it's time to regroup and turn our attention back to Formula 1. Sadly, there is little going on at the moment, but things should be ramping up towards the German Grand Prix as the week progresses.

Daily: 5th July 2009

We are now celebrating Goodwood Sunday, plus Wimbledon Finals day for the men's game and... actually, I think that's about it. Still, it is set to be a good day, and we are having a pretty good, relaxing weekend at SPC Towers. Finally, we are sitting back and taking stock of what we have got, and trying to improve things rather than bring new technology on board.

Daily: 4th July 2009

It is Independence Day today, although Mr C and I also recognise it as the day Will Smith helps save us from aliens. Bruce has got the meteorites covered and Will knows what he's doing with those UFOs, what could go wrong?