Daily: 1st September 2009

A new month is upon us, and this is the month of Sidepodradio. Don't forget to keep your eye on the wiki and get involved. Some new slots have opened up on the schedule, so perhaps you'd like to come up with a show - F1 related or otherwise?

Daily: 31st August 2009

We are at the very last day of August now, and for those of us in the UK that means a Bank Holiday. We are still recovering from what was an excellent Belgian GP, though, so I don't imagine we will be up to anything exciting.

Daily: 30th August 2009

No one could have predicted the qualifying order from yesterday, and I wouldn't ask you to have a guess at what's going to happen in the race today. It was great fun though, and am expecting more of the same.

Daily: 29th August 2009

Qualifying day is upon us and with all the Free Practice action we saw yesterday, we are none the wiser about who will do well. It looks as though McLaren are back on form, but perhaps the final practice session this morning will help us get a clearer picture.

Daily: 28th August 2009

Free Practice Friday again, already, and hopefully we will see more enjoyment today than we did this time last week. Actually, that's a given because we're not in the land of concrete. Anyway, here are some of the things we're discussing...

Daily: 27th August 2009

It is Mark Webber's birthday today, and he was born in 1976 which makes him 33 years young. Webber will be spending his day preparing for the upcoming race in Spa, so will he get cake? We can only hope so. Meanwhile, here's what we're talking about at the moment...

Daily: 26th August 2009

Halfway through the week already, and almost at the end of August. Time is ticking ever onwards, and we've just got six races left to go. Is it all still up for grabs, or are the winners as obvious as when the season started?

Daily: 25th August 2009

We're into Tuesday already, and that means just minutes after finishing up the F1 podcast goodness for the weekend in Valencia, teams are already producing their preview quotes for Spa. Not exactly easing us back in gently after the summer break.

Daily: 24th August 2009

With Valencia out of the way, we will already be turning our attention to the next race at Spa. I thought we had got all the back-to-back goings on at the beginning of the season, but apparently it is not so.

Daily: 23rd August 2009

You may know this as the day of the European Grand Prix at Valencia. Here at Sidepodcast Towers, this is known as Franck Day! The Frenchman will be lining up 8th on the grid at Sonoma tonight. There is no way I'm going to be able to stay up to watch him, but I will try my very best.

Daily: 22nd August 2009

Free Practice was a bizarre thing to be hold. The morning session was even less interesting than I thought it was going to be, whilst the afternoon more than made up for it. Goodness knows what today is going to bring.

Daily: 21st August 2009

Here we are then, finally we have reached our first Free Practice Friday for about a month. I have already forgotten how to do the Digest, so I'm curious to know if I'll be able to get everything ready throughout today.

Daily: 20th August 2009

It's Thursday once more, but it should be a better day for me as I'm off work and enjoying a week at home. We'll see though. Let me know how your Thursday goes, and check in with the comments often, so we know it's going okay.

Daily: 19th August 2009

It's my Dad's birthday today, so I'm abusing my powers to say Happy Birthday to him. I am taking him out for the day to celebrate, and that means going into the big, wide world. Expect comments and pictures as we go.

Daily: 18th August 2009

We're into Tuesday already, and it's time to start turning our attention to the European Grand Prix. Many of the teams have released their GP previews already, and they are all starting to talk up their chances in Valencia.

Daily: 17th August 2009

The start of another week, and for myself at least, a good one. I am not at work this week, and can spend my days doing leisurely things, such as editing podcasts, and sorting out Sidepodradio bits and pieces.

Daily: 16th August 2009

We are into Sunday now, and Mr C and I are recovering from our afternoon at Giggles' house. There is plenty to look at on the live streaming playground, if you missed any of the fun. We were still investigating the Qik possibilities and there's still a lot to be learnt.

Daily: 15th August 2009

It's the weekend, and also Carl Edwards birthday today. He's a NASCAR driver, I know, but we seem to be branching out all the time, so that shouldn't worry you. Here are some of the other things we're talking about...

Daily: 14th August 2009

Friday at last, and it is the final F1 free weekend of the summer break. I know a lot of you are missing the racing, but make the most of the time off and do something exciting. Maybe even go outside? But make sure you stay in touch, it's scary out there.

Daily: 13th August 2009

It is that day of the week again, but we'll pretend it isn't and maybe it'll be a good day anyway. Apparently it is also International Lefthanders Day, in which we celebrate those who use their left hands and recognise the inconveniences of a dominant right-handed world.