Daily: 10th December 2009

Hello all. It is apparently Human Rights day for the United Nations, and also International Animal Rights Day. I am going to combine these two, and suggest that I have the right to have a baby panda, and a baby panda has the right to come and live with me. Sounds like the proper way to observe these events to me. Now, on to the Formula 1 stuff...

Daily: 9th December 2009

Hello there. Here is your useless fact of the day, according to the people's encyclopedia. Today in Sweden and Finland, it is Anna's day - a day that celebrates anyone called Anna. Isn't that a bit mean to people who aren't called Anna? I assume there is a reason but I cannot find out why. A mystery. Anyway, here's some F1 stuff...

Daily: 8th December 2009

The big news of yesterday was about Silverstone and the fact that the future of the British Grand Prix is now secure. I am mostly happy about this news because it means we don't have to talk about any more deadlines. I like it when things get settled. Meanwhile, here are some of the other things we're talking about...

Daily: 7th December 2009

Monday has arrived, and with it brings Robert Kubica's birthday. The Polish driver turns 25 years old today, and I hope he's throwing a big party to celebrate his drive at Renault. Oh wait, that might not be secure as he hopes. Hmm. We might be finding more out about that today, watch for breakout threads.

Daily: 6th December 2009

We have arrived at Sunday, and it is Susie Stoddart's birthday today. With her boyfriend as a significant investor in Williams, what are the chances of her getting a foot in the door of Formula 1 for her birthday? Probably very small, actually, so let's move on to some F1 related things instead.

Daily: 5th December 2009

Hello everybody, it's me again! I am plunged back into the world of writing the daily. Thanks to everyone who took part in the takeover week, I hope it was fun to write and read, and perhaps we can repeat the process again soon. Meanwhile, I am back and it's time to talk about Formula 1 again (maybe)...

Daily: 4th December 2009

Hello and welcome to the 4th of December 2009. It’s Gavin from Making Up The Numbers here and I’ll be your guest post writer for today. I hope that you’ve all had a good week and survived your Thursday intact – because we all know that Thursdays are RRRRubbish! But it’s Friday, so it’s all good, because it is the end of the week and I will be having my croissants for breakfast and beers with engineers after work – what will you be up to today?

Daily: 3rd December 2009

It's the 3rd of December as the countdown to Christmas continues. Another countdown to note: It's 100 days until the season starting Bahrain Grand Prix. On a sad note, I'd like to highlight the 25th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster if for no other reason than a lot of people seem to have never heard of it or forgotten about it despite having killed thousands and still effecting many lives 25 years on.

Daily: 2nd December 2009

It’s the 2nd of December!! Lukeh here wishing a very Merry Chris-mas to all! Yes, OK, it is not Christmas Day but it is in fact the birthday of worldwide legend and much loved shy Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme!! Woohoooo!!! Chris is my favourite Muse member and there is absolutely no way I could go through this daily and not wish this absolute beast of a man a happy birthday and spread the good word of Chris-mas! But of course, we must consider other things in life.

Daily: 1st December 2009

Happy December, all! Yes, the last month has arrived. I hope you are going to have a chocolatey breakfast. It's Lewis from the comments (Mr C's No 1 fan!). Here's some news that I found...

Daily: 30th November 2009

It is Monday once again and to steal the title from the song by The Boomtown Rats; I don't like Mondays, the weekend is over and I'm having to get on with some work. This is the third daily post as part of the takeover, who knows maybe we should takeover more often? The aim for this daily thread is to be free of anything Formula One related. I hope the teams don't decide today is the day to reveal anything but by saying that I have probably tempted fate so if something does happen I'm sure breakout posts will appear as soon as humanly possible.

Daily: 29th November 2009

It's been a very long time since I was left in charge of covering daily duties, I was beginning to worry Christine no longer had faith in me. I shall not let the good ship Daily Post down though, despite very little happening in the F1 world.

Daily: 28th November 2009

Hello! RG here and as today’s first ever guest writer for the Daily, I believe it is my duty to welcome you to the weekend. For me, I am delighted it is the weekend, having spent the past day and a bit stuck in bed feeling ill. Not ideal, but yesterday saw some awesome news to keep me happy.

Daily: 27th November 2009

Ah-ha, the end of the week at last, and another weekend just around the corner. It's been a nice slow end to the week in terms of F1 news, but I have a feeling (and Joe said) it's all going to start kicking off again next week. Meanwhile, here's what we're focusing on instead...

Daily: 26th November 2009

Thursday has arrived and although it is an unpopular day amongst Sidepodcast readers, I am determined we should all make the most of it. To help us along the way, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 25th November 2009

Apparently, according to Wikipedia, there was a great storm on this day in 1703. It was called the Great Storm of 1703. Catchy. The wind got up to 120mph and thousands of people died. I don't think things are that bad yet, but I would certainly suggest the weather is commemorating this day in a similar fashion. Meanwhile, on to the F1 news...

Daily: 24th November 2009

It was Ross Brawn's birthday yesterday, which I missed mentioning thanks to all my moaning about it being Monday. He had quite a good day though, announcing the first of his new drivers. What a way to celebrate the anniversary of your birth! More on that in a moment though.

Daily: 23rd November 2009

Here we are then, another Monday is upon us. Don't forget that if you would like the chance to write a daily post at some point in the future, then the option is there! I am taking volunteers for a series of guest written daily posts, and it's a good excuse to plug your own blog, or links that you like. We've had a great response so far, but there's always room for more.

Daily: 22nd November 2009

I had a bit of an idea, concerning the daily, in that guest writers could come along and take over the threads for a while, promoting their work and linking to the stories of the day that they find fascinating, rather than you always hearing from me. I've set up a wiki page for volunteers, and although the details are sketchy at the moment, let us know if you'd like to get involved.

Daily: 21st November 2009

I am slightly late with this daily post, as Mr C and myself were caught up playing the new Wii game. On the strength of Lukeh's review, we went out and bought it and then hijacked our inlaws for their console. Apologies for that. Elsewhere...