Daily: 23rd November 2010

I have to begin this Daily with an apology. Because it’s going to be all about football. Sorry for that, but since I have spent the whole weekend watching/speaking/tweeting/ and writing about it, I genuinely can’t think about something else today. I hope you will read this post and leave a comment. Big virtual sidepodhug for that! And who doesn’t like hugs? OK? Are you still here? Nice. :-) All right then, let’s move on. There’s been some amazing scenes in the world of football this weekend. Loads of goals in for all. It was genuinely raining goals! 36 in Spain, 30 in England and Germany, 27 in Italy and France and “only” 19 in Portugal, to name the major leagues only. Let’s start with which I started the Footie Marathon: with the Premier League ...

Daily: 22nd November 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, This is your Captain speaking. On behalf of myself and First Officer Lou, welcome aboard the first flight of Sidepod Airways Boeing V-22 Osprey Rotorlift Aircraft Flight Number SPA 001 from Abu Dhabi International to London Gatwick International Airport, with a refuelling stop at Ankara, Turkey.

Daily: 21st November 2010

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first Sunday of the off season.. just 16 more to go! I hope you’ve all got lots of plans to keep yourself busy so that the withdrawals don’t set in too soon. Just make sure you don’t injure yourself on any electrical appliances, I hear they can be dangerous. So stay clear of those hair dryers and have a lovely day, but first here are a few links to help you fill your time today.

Daily: 20th November 2010

Hello there, we seem to be lacking a daily for today, so I will jump in. Is it possible to be a super-sub on a job that used to be yours full time anyway? Not sure about that one.

Daily: 19th November 2010

Good morrow to all! It’s once again Friday and that means it’s nearly time for the weekend so let;s have a good Friday to see out our first few days away from Formula 1. How have you been coping this week after the season finished? I watched the BBC season montage yesterday again and I got all sad that the season was all done but it’s such a cool video. There's some Pirelli tire testing going on today at the eternal joy that is Abu Dhabi which I'm sure will be featuring in the comments today and isn't it just lovely to see such retro looking tyres back? Love it! Anyways, we gotta get on with today so let’s see what’s in store for your reading accompaniment on this wintery Friday.

Daily: 18th November 2010

Today is Thursday which often means it will be a bad day, but it isn't any Thursday because this is the 18th of November which makes it my sister's birthday, so Happy 14th Birthday Celine even though you have no idea this post exists. I therefore choose to believe today is a good day.

Daily: 17th November 2010

Hello all. Have you recovered from the finale of the championship season yet? Ready for the off-season? Good, because after the craziness that was end of the season, we haven’t even had a chance to rest yet. That’s because even though most of the F1 personnel are heading home, the teams have stayed behind in Abu Dhabi for Young Driver testing… which started yesterday and Sidepodcast has all the info you need to see who’s hot and who has a big wallet…

Daily: 16th November 2010

“What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when. I tried so hard (Alonso) and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter (4 bloody points!!). I put my trust in you (Ferrari strategist §%%$%$%&%), pushed as far as I can go and for all this there's only one thing you should know...” Yes, we do know it now. Last week we didn’t know who will be the new Formula 1 World Champion. Today we know: It’s Fernando Alonso Sebastian Vettel. I assume it’s Christian Horner’s best birthday gift ever.

Daily: 15th November 2010

And its all over. Just like that. Poof, a new World Champion. A season to be done with, not the greatest ever. 2008 is still up there, but it had some spectacular highs (Kobayashi on Alonso in Valenica, if you want reminded of it, I'm more than happy to go into an half hour analytical detail about the best 40 laps of my life). And then, spectacular lows (Every single race up to Turkey, generally Pedro de la Rosa's season, Singapore and Abu Dhabi).

Daily: 14th November 2010

Hello everyone. Surprise. I'm filling in for Lou as she so graciously stood in for me last week while I moved house, so thanks Lou! I'm all settled in now, save for living among several unpacked boxes and having nowhere to hang my shirts and things. Did you know it takes 21 days to deliver the wardrobe I want? There was I thinking I could go and just buy one. Technically I could but who has a brown wardrobe when everything else in the room is black? My living room has brown furniture and who has a wardrobe in their living room? Anyway. Race day!

Daily: 13th November 2010

Hi there, Pamela here doing a Saturday from Australia daily. Christine pointed out that today we are celebrating two years of Sidepodcast Dailies. How amazing is that?! So, the last race of the year! I’m a bit sad that the season’s over, but I’m in need of a break and would love to have some free weekends again. For those of us suffering from withdrawal symptoms after the race, there will be some action next week with the Young Driver and Pirelli tyre tests at Abu Dhabi. I’m sure twitter will keep us going for another week.

Daily: 12th November 2010

Oh hello again friends. It would appear that Friday has come round once more so I should really introduce today's daily despite the knowledge we are entering the final F1 weekend of the season! Boo! Although I am secretly pleased, because I feel like I could do with a break from F1 and the off-season is a lot of fun here. Nevertheless, make sure you read the always reliable Race Information thread to get to grips with the times for the Abu Dhabi GP, and once you've done that, make sure you read some of my links for today!

Daily: 11th November 2010

Two guys sit in a steamy cafe. One is short and smiley, the other looks grumpy and cross. - It's the increasingly bizzare Giggles Daily Post...

Daily: 10th November 2010

Well hello there. May I first say a congratulations to Fernando Alonso, for winning his third world championship in stunning style at Abu Dhabi last weekend. This one was the greatest of all of his triumphs... ...Oh wait, it's the 10th? Silly me, I've got the wrong daily! That'll teach me to pre-write posts before the actual event ;) Onto the news...

Daily: 9th November 2010

On this day, 43 years ago, the first issue of The Rolling Stone magazine has been published. It featured an image of John Lennon. The first sidepodcast-post form the 21st October 2006 featured David Coulthard. I know John Lennon wasn’t a huge sports fan, but I can imagine David being a Beatles fan. Christine, I don’t want to brag, but I got even further than seeing Daveheart, as I touched Niki Lauda (and Valle Rossi wasn’t far away)! Hahahahahahaha!

Daily: 7th November 2010

I am not expecting much for today, although the Interlagos circus should reach its climax and all eyes will be on the WDC contenders. I am sure the BBC had already planned the structure of their coverage around the Famous Five but then they hadn’t seen the script in advance had they? Even so I don’t hold out much hope of today being remotely perfect but yesterday was fantastic. Interlagos has a habit of providing Perfect Days for all sorts of reasons and people.

Daily: 6th November 2010

It seems fitting that today I get to write today's daily post. Sidepodcast has for the past two weeks been barrelling us along just like it used to, we're again riding the F1 roller-coaster despite our best efforts to keep things under control. It's all good though, there's roughly ten days to go before we get to take almost 100 days off. Bring it on F1, give us a week to remember.

Daily: 5th November 2010

Lukeh here taking you into another Friday and man, do we have an exciting few days ahead or what? We're approaching what is easily one of the best weekend's of Formula 1 as we head down to Brazil but before we go into all of that, I want to wish a huge, huge congratulations to Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme and the arrival of baby Buster into his life yesterday! Yay! That's his fifth child now, what a guy. Time to get on with what wonders I can find for you lovely people for today.

Daily: 4th November 2010

Hey everyone! Please don’t get your hopes up, it isn’t Sunday just yet, I’m just here filling in for Pat. It is, unfortunately that day of the week again, Thursday. Don’t panic, things will be okay, it’ll be a good Thursday today I’m sure. If it isn’t well... at least we have lots of things to look forward to in the coming days such as the Brazilian GP! Always a favourite race, with some great racing, how brilliant is it to hear it’ll be the 2011 season finale, returning it to its rightful place. I can’t believe it’s over a year ago since Jenson won the Championship!