Hey everyone! Please don’t get your hopes up, it isn’t Sunday just yet, I’m just here filling in for Pat. It is, unfortunately that day of the week again, Thursday. Don’t panic, things will be okay, it’ll be a good Thursday today I’m sure. If it isn’t well... at least we have lots of things to look forward to in the coming days such as the Brazilian GP! Always a favourite race, with some great racing, how brilliant is it to hear it’ll be the 2011 season finale, returning it to its rightful place. I can’t believe it’s over a year ago since Jenson won the Championship!

While we’re on the subject of Formula 1 and the upcoming Grand Prix , have you all read Christine’s Grand Prix race information? And caught up with the latest news with f1minute?  I also hope you haven’t missed Matt’s post about his Silverstone track day , it sounds like a great experience!

Last night in the comments we had a bit of a conversation about the wonderful team at 5livef1 and I just wanted to share some of the links with you that were submitted in the comments, I’m sure there are many more 5livef1 fans out there who didn’t get a chance to participate in our conversation or who may have missed them, so why not check out Holly Samos’ page?  Or how about Crofty’s, gotta love these Crofty soundbytes too. The 5live dream team are back on our radios tomorrow evening, and personally I can’t wait!

Seeing as all the Formula 1 action kicks off tomorrow let’s move away from it now and take a look at some not to motorsport related things to help us get through the rest of our Thursday. I mean maybe you’ll get the opportunity to touch a polar bear’s nose or something.

First of all lets start with some good news, the end of the universe has been postponed! *phew* A few more Grand Prix to watch yet then.

Okay, seriously, what cheers me up after a tough day is looking at lovely photographs, so I figured I’d show you all some rather beautiful images I’ve come across recently in the hope that in some way they’ll help make Thursday a bit better. Lars van de Goor  is an amazing self tought photographer and his images always make me feel happier, their just too stunning for words. Take a look for yourself.

We’re all fans of typefaces here at Sidepodcast, okay well Mr C is, and while looking up various strange and wierd inventions I came across someone’s idea to incorporate typefaces and exercise. I’m not sure if I like this idea of not, but I am sure I would love to see it made, maybe it’ll turn up on the next series of Dragon’s Den.

That’s about it for interesting links from me today, I’ll leave you with a rather old and slightly strange advertising video featuring Jenson and our favourite trainer Mikey! (please don’t take points off Jenson for this strange advert Christine).

Have a good day!

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