Welkom op dit heerlijk dinsdag en ik hoop dat jullie mijn blog echt gaan genieten. Dus …

Warmee zal ik beginnen? Right. First of all I have to explain this introduction which is in Dutch. How come? Because I’m studying Dutch Philology from now on (well, I signed up on Friday to be correct), and wanted to share this with you. Excited!

How it happened? Well, once upon a time (last week) there was a quite bored (due to lack of sports on the telly) sports addicted me. Unfortunately (as seen from the sports’ junky point of view) I had a week off. However, I had to keep myself busy somehow, so I did some ironing, studying, reading, tidying my desktop (the digital one) and I even managed to watch four films (after watching the F1 season reviews from 2005 and 2006, as a mental preparation for the third title, obviously)! Normally I don’t have much time to watch movies so I really enjoyed it. “Once” was a film I enjoyed the most. A small movie which won an Oscar for the best film song. You might have seen it till now, as it isn’t a new production, but in case you didn’t see it: do it! You’ll like it.

So, after doing this I felt very motivated, I went to the University of Cologne and the rest is a three days old history. I've been thinking about signing up at the university for a long time, and I finally did it! I still have to choose the second subject, though. I’m struggling with it, because I have to choose between English studies and Spanish. I’d love to study both … Any suggestions? Pros and contras from you, my fellow sidepodcasters? Alvast bedankt! (Which means “thanks in advance”, by the way.)

However, let’s move on and focus on what really matters: sports.

There was no Formula 1 this weekend, and I hope you managed to catch up on some sleep. Maybe you even listened to the F1 Debrief in bed? Well done! I think you all were nice surprised with the short show on Sunday evening? I was. I even felt hugged. Thank you Mr.C and thank you Christine!

Actually sidepodcast.com kept us busy throughout this week with a brand new episode of An Aside With Joe, Christine's Rankings (Love Webber's idea for tweeting during a haircut! He's got a brill sense of humour, by the way), a great Bernie Cartoon, The Tweets Of The Week, and much more. Just check it out if you did not do it yet (shame on you!).

More news about old blokes/legends:

  • On Saturday, the best footballer ever, Diego Maradona, celebrated his 50th birthday on Saturday. I don’t have to mention I launched a party, do I? It was a hit! We where wearing Maradona shirts and wigs, smoking (fake) Cuban cigars whilst reading excerpts from E Diego’s biography, watching Maradona videos on YouTube and trying to write an essay explaining why he’s better than Pele I’d love to show you this piece of great art, but I lost it somewhere. Actually, we all were a bit drunk, so I do not know If someone was writing it down anyway. *grins*
  • You might have seen this before, but I discovered this video last week: Niki Lauda giving a lift to Lewis Hamilton. Quite interesting. Looking forward to seeing Niki back in his pundit role for the German television. Rafi S. did a good job but it’s not the same, as you surely can imagine.
  • Bernie wants Vettel or Webber to become world champion. Mah …
  • Today is Alan Jones birthday

News about young blokes (maybe future legends, who knows):

Footie news:

  • Huhuhuhu! We won 0:1 against Bolton thanks to Maxi Rodriguez’s goal after a lovely assist by Fernando Torres. It’s our second win in row, and I hope it will become a habit. We climbed on the sensational 15th position in the league, so it’s a good sign for the upcoming games. Bring on Chelsea! Speaking of which … Roy Hodgson compared our Sotirios Kyrgiakos to John Terry. Hmm … A bit too … Well, I’m wondering what Terry might think of that?
  • Real Madrid won 1:3 against Hercules (Jaime’s team by the way). Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice again. This rascal! He’s now being called the goal machine in Spain.
  • Barca defeated Sevilla 5:0. With a brilliant performance from Messi and David Villa (2 goals each).
  • Atletico drew Almeria 1:1 – Diego Forlan was working his socks off (as usual) but there wasn’t much more he could do. The rumours about his more to England won’t stop. It will be Spurs or Liverpool, they say. Well, if this might be truth, I hope he will do the right (red) choice.
  • Speaking of Forlan and Uruguay: Diego Lugano, Forlan’s mate and captain from the national team, is celebrating his 31 birthday today. Oh, this Uruguayans ...
  • In the Italian Serie A Alessandro del Piero broke his club’s remaining record. The oldie (35 years) became Juve's all-time top Serie A scorer with 179th goals. Well done! Grande! I like del Piero. He’s an old school footballer.

As a nice change this week is full packed with sports: Champions League, Europa League, Tennis around the world and of course F1 in Brasil. Make sure you’ll see it all! *g*

Also on this day in 2004 the famous Dutch director Theo van Gogh (the great-great-grandson of Vincent van Gogh) was assassinated in Amsterdam due to his criticism on the treatment of women in Islam. I used to live in Holland when it happened and I still can remember the chaos when this news came out.

But I’d like to finish up with something merry so have a look at this awesome video. Our former player, Xabi Alonso, is doing some tricks.

That will be all for me for this first Tuesday of the most unattractive (after February) month in the year. However, I hope this day (and the whole week) will threat you in nice. I shall see you in the comments and tot ziens!

P.S. Since I mentioned a website called "Lovely Tuesday" I did some research. You can find the whole week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  For the next Daily I shall check out the months. :-)


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