Apologies for the slightly delayed daily today, I had a bit of a spider related emergency, which after a quick note from Lukeh disappeared, however the incident saw me relocating to another room in order to complete the daily safely. Anyway.. on with the daily!

It’s Sunday today and that means only one thing, it’s the day Amy leaves Melbourne to start her epic travels around Europe! She’ll join a group of us in London on Tuesday, will you be there? Then a slightly smaller group are off to Spa, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you all can’t be involved! However we can’t all be as lucky as Amy, some of us have to stay at home today and not beginning exciting travels, so while we sit here sipping our tea what can we do to help pass the time this Sunday? Maybe Mr and Mrs C could play a game of typography chess? Anyway..to the bullet points!

That’s about it from me today, don’t forget to tune in to Giggles radio at 4pm, and I’ll see you all in two weeks time as I’m leaving my daily in the capable hands of Steven while the SidepodSpaCrew head down to a Belgian forest to watch Jenson win.. I mean to watch the race.  Have a lovely day everyone!

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