Hello everyone! Welcome to the first Sunday of the off season.. just 16 more to go! I hope you’ve all got lots of plans to keep yourself busy so that the withdrawals don’t set in too soon. Just make sure you don’t injure yourself on any electrical appliances, I hear they can be dangerous. So stay clear of those hair dryers and have a lovely day, but first here are a few links to help you fill your time today.

I mentioned that it was the first week of the off season earlier but by looking at the amount of motorsport related links I’ve managed to find you really wouldn’t think so. This is good, keep up the blogging people, especially through the fast approaching cold quiet month of December.

This week has played host to the first Pirelli tyre test of the off season, Timo recorded a video diary of this thoughts about how the test was going on the way to the circuit, check it out here. While Alonso topped the time sheets yesterday for the last day of the test . The Pirelli test hasn’t been the only test this week, we’ve also had the first Young Driver Test of the offseason, if you missed most of the action you can catch a brilliant review written by the lovely Christine too.

In other F1 related news you may or may not have seen that Jenson held a live chat session on Thursday from the Mclaren Factory in Woking for Johnnie Walker. The session went on for an hour which meant he had enough time to answer loads of fan questions. If you missed it and want to catch up with It you can find it on their facebook page.

On to the blogs now, Leigh has been very busy with not only a post on his personal blog, but also a post on the Formula 3 Macau qualifying race.

Pat has posted a blog about a great video that sums up just why we all love motorsport.

Do we all remember the Bloggers Swap Shop on Viva f1? Well it’s returned! Yaaayy!

Speaking of returns, Alia has a new blog and is eager to get back to blogging again. Welcome back Alia, we’re all looking forward to reading your posts again.

As a final blog link, don’t miss Christine’s highlights of the Children in Need marathon FBFB coverage. Bravo to her and all that stayed up to watch the whole show, that’s quite alot of TV watching!

Moving away from Motorsport and blogs for a while here are a few quick links that I thought would interest you.

Podcast of the Week

As I mentioned we’ve got 16 weekends left of the off season and I for one can’t cope, with 16 Sundays without an F1 race. I first started listening to Sidepodcast years ago during the January 2007 off season, it was a great way to get my F1 fix with the absence of racing and I’ve listened to every show before and after since then. As we’ve got the huge expanse of off season ahead of us I thought instead of a race I’d supply you all with a link to a classic Sidepodcast show as a way of getting you through the tough times. I realise some of you may have listened to these shows before if you’ve been a listener for a while, or even if you’ve found yourselves delving into the archives. However it’s always great to re listen to some of these brilliant shows. I’m going to select one of my favourite podcasts each week, it may be a special, or just a random weekly show you’ll just have to wait and see.

So what have I chosen for this week? Well as Goodwood is one of the highlights of my year, and I only started going there after hearing this podcast it seemed fitting to remind you all of Christine and Mr C’s first podcasted visit to the Festival of Speed in 2007 (they went in 2006 too).

Episode 23 - Goodwood Festival of Speed 2007

Sidepodcast audio preview

Sit back and enjoy one of my favourite classic Sidepodcast shows. Oh and stay away from any hairdryers!

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