This has been a nerve wracking day and as the end of the transfer deadline is approaching, and the rumours about Fernando Torres leaving or staying are getting more mental with every tweet, I decided to leave mi casa and head the nearest institution which isn't conected with football in any single way/person. I'm still thinking where I might land eventually, but I shall figure something out. It won't be at church, that's for sure, I am not THAT desperate. It's the last place to find amandoloss.

So, since the tension is rising and the time running out let's get a quick look at the most important news (I do not have the strength for more):

In case you missed it, Luis Suarez is joining us. He is going to wear the legendary number 7, King Kenny's number 7. His arrival was announced on Friday and I spent the night at my pub celebrating. My happiness still lasts. Even though the next day Fernando Torres handed the club a transfer request which has been rejected. He still wants to go, and tonight will show ... Kenny Dalglish is preparing himself for a reign without El Nino, but the hope, he might change his mind, still is there ... somewhere ... If you ask me, if Fernando wants to go, let him go. Good luck, gracias para todo y buena suerte. Of course it will hurt, but what hurts more is actually the request itself; now, when Kenny is there, Suarez is coming ... why did he come out with this now? So suddenly. I have no idea what is going on in his head. 'Cause in summer he knew how the situation is at the club and that it won't change in a week or month. Or season. He knew ... It is not easy to be Liverpool fan; one minute you laugh, and one later you get slapped in your face from where you were expecting it the least! Why this, Fernando? Why now?

Andy Carroll is coming ...

And Sergio Agüero will not join Tottenham. Instead he extended his contract with Atletico Madrid for two more years, and will stay till 2014. Well done, Diego needs help.

Australian Open has sadly come to an end, and I know you know who won it, even if you weren't watching it since Amy was keeping us all up to date from her fine seats (and not only) with here comments and photos.

Oh yeah, there's also been something going on in the Formula 1, thank God for that! Finally some launches here and there. Slowly, the new season is approaching and with him some old and new questions.

Oh, and Renault has given Bruno Senna a second chance. I know what you all think, but I like the car. Bruno's second chance too.

Was there something more? Oh yes, Real Madrid lost 1:0 against Osasuna on Sunday. Take a look where Osasuna stands in the league and do the math ...

All right then, I can stand it any longer, I have to leave my desk, my laptop, twitter, my room. At this moment the situation is looking good., but I don't want to think what news I might find after coming back.

I am off to ... somewhere in Cologne.

5 seconds later ...

Fernando really left ... now it hurts. A lot. More than I thought.

Now I am really off.

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