Huhu!!! Guess who's back? It's no other than me. :-) This is my first "proper" daily in 2011 and it won't be less packed with footie facts than the other ones. Before I begin with links and other goodies: Happy New Year! I said it in my Spanish Daily already, but I think it has to be said in the "proper" daily too. If you still haven't had enough of celebrating you can celebrate the day milk was delivered in bottles for the first time (January 11th in 1878). If that's not an occasion ???!!!

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat a week it's been in sport! There's been things and stuff going on, you wouldn't believe it! It has been quite a week especially for us, Liverpool fans as (it was/is all over the media, but some of you might have missed it) Roy Hodgson has left the club by mutual consent, and Kenny Dalglish took charge as the manager just one day before our FA CUP match against United at Old Toilet Traford. We lost the match 1:0 though, and are out of the FA Cup, but it didn't really feel like a defeat considering we had to play one man down for a quite long time, and United had Howie on their side. It NEVER EVER was a penalty! Not even in a dream! Actually, it's not incorrect to say he was United's 12th man on the pitch. Everyone knows that so I do not understand what's the turmoil about then? Oh well, we lost, we are out, but King Kenny is back and gives us hope again.

Now, when the most important news has been said, let's focus on some F1 news:

Footie and other sports:

Oh, I've nearly forgotten to mention that we're playing Blackpool on Wednesday, so be sure to cheer for us!

That's all from me for this Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed the daily and I also hope you are going to have a fab day either with sports or without. :-) Take care and don't forget the comments! :-)

I am off to cheer for Atletico and listen to Football Ramble Extraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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