Daily: Saturday 27th August

Answers to the 7th Most Difficult F1 Quiz!

Daily: Saturday 20th August 2011

Try your skills at this super tough F1 quiz! For a prize!

Daily: July 16th 2011

Sometimes I tell people I'm the guy who manages three out of four of the Saturdays, and the say to me, 'You are one lucky geeza, them girls are well fit, innit. But ain't there five of 'em?'

Daily: 25th June 2011

Hey Sidepodcastees, it's another happy, shiny qualifying Saturday and I invite you warmly to spend this Daily with me as we watch all the Saturday action. There's Formula 1 and there's Wimbledon tennis, but I don't know anything about tennis so I won't be mentioning it again.

Daily: 21st May 2011

It's Qualifying Saturday! We're at Barcelona and on any normal year we'd expect Saturday to be the most exciting part of the weekend before sleepily watching the cars drive 60 laps stuck behind each other on Sunday. But this year, things are different - people can overtake! People are actually looking forward to the race! No, friends, you are not dreaming - this is really happening.