Daily: 2nd August 2011

Good morning, great citizens of Sidepodcast, it is Tuesday once again. There are tumbleweeds rolling down the roads that are usually filled with the noise of F1 cars; for some reason it was felt that the notoriously workaholic staff of Formula 1 teams deserve a life outside of the paddock and factories, and that would be best served by a mid-season break. Given that it means I have to wait four weeks until Spa, I'm not convinced.

Daily: 5th July

Apologies for the lateness of this daily, Sidepodders, it has been sunny up here in Edinburgh and my brain has quite clearly melted in such unusual circumstances. Anyway, onwards with the news.

Wimbledon 2011: Day 7

Wimbledon took a day off yesterday, allowing F1 the centre stage. It was a cunning strategy by the All England Club - some might point out that it's a traditional break, but I scoff at that - as a Sunday afternoon spent being bored to tears by a procession in Valencia has whetted my appetite all the more for what looks like being a classic day at SW19.

Daily: 21st June 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, play is suspended. Yes, indeed, it's time for two weeks of rain to fall upon us as Wimbledon is here. Of course, with a British player high in the world rankings, that means ten days of newspapers building expectations and using up the year's supply of Fred Perry mentions, only for inevitable disappointment as one of the players who is simply better than Andy Murray wins the title; relegating Murray back to being a whinging Scot in the process.

Daily: 7th June 2011

Good morning, oh veritable denizens of Sidepodcast. Tuesdays are a bit dull, aren't they? As Bridget did yesterday, I too shall skirt the rather sizeable mammal in the room whilst bringing you the day's F1 news. The good news is that there are only three more days until the action begins in Montreal.

Daily: 24th May 2011

So, the earthquake didn't come, the world didn't end, and much to the chagrin of a number of American fundamentalist Christians, we're still earthbound. Given that, for believers and non-believers alike, life continues unabated, we may as well take the chance and press on with some news.