Daily: 12th July 2010

Well, that was a pretty boring weekend.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 25. The final

One month ago, the hosts South Africa played Mexico in the opening game at Soccer City. The game featured a memorable strike from Siphiwe Tshabalala and their Macarena-esque celebration. Now, on the 11th July, the Netherlands and Spain go head to head to win the World Cup for the very first time.

Daily: 5th July 2010

Hello you lovely peoples out there. Right now I usually start with some long-winded, witty (sometimes) introduction to the daily post. Today is different, since the 5th July may just be the most uneventful day of all 366 of them. Nothing interesting has happened, nobody interesting was born. In fact, the only birthday of note is that of Dolly the Sheep, the first ever cloned animal. Not even a human, there should be something interesting in the bulletpoints:

Daily: 28th June 2010

You know that feeling when your dreams are just so amazing they just can't be real, a good race in Valencia, a Sauber looking quick, Kamui Kobayashi reminding us all why the legend that is Peter Sauber hired him.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 13

13 Days. Never has so much expectation been placed on England before, a result is required, a win against the Slovenians. Its not all about England, Germany could be out if they aren't too careful. USA need to perform and Australia, ideally need to try and keep all 11 men on the pitch. World Cup Day 13, my word, we should be in for a treat and a half.

Daily: 21st June 2010

Here comes summer. Yes, for those living in the part of the world that lies above the equator, summer is officially here and can be officially enjoyed. I see those living in Barcelona get 23 degress with a bit of cloud, those lucky to be in San Francisco are in for a tasty 24 degrees with clear blue skies and those in Newcastle get a lovely... 15 degress and lots of cloud. Very... nice.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 6

The World Cup entered new waters yesterday, by providing us with a cracker of a game. Originally seen as a walkover for the Brazilians, North Korea battled hard against them in a tight 2-1 contest. Oh yes, only the second time more than two goals have been scored in a game so far this tournament.

Daily: 14th June 2010

Aaaaand breathe. My oh my, that is what I call the perfect sporting weekend. In fact, did anyone notice what the weather was like? We covered literally everything here at Sidepodcast, from the F1 in Canada, to the Le Mans 24 Hours in... Le Mans to the World Cup in South Africa. Just fan-tastic. And there was more, rugby union, tennis, all commented on this very site. Shall we move onto the bulletpoints? I think we should.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 1

Here we are. Four years of talk since the infamous 2006 World Cup in Germany, four years after the Zidane headbutt, the fourteen cards between Portugal and the Netherlands and yet another England defeat on penalites. The world is invited to South Africa, 32 nations are taking part in the biggest sporting event on the planet.

Daily: 7th June 2010

2 years ago, I loved the Canadian Grand Prix. I really do not know why, I mean Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld scored BMW Sauber's first ever win and 1-2, while Timo Glock scored his highest finish at the time in fourth. I just can't think why that was awesome. And so, F1 returns to the land of Ice Hockey and Maple Syrup after a years break. But, that comes later on in the week. In fact, I had no real reason to bring it up for a rather miserable Monday, but its cheered me up. Good times, onto the bulletpoints:

Daily: 31st May 2010

Wow-ee. How on earth do you follow a weekend like that, full of dodgy singing, surprisingly good racing and some rather big talking points? Well, I know the right three words to cheer your Monday up, Bank Holiday Monday. Yes, for the second time this month, you can have a lie-in and have a beautiful, relaxing Monday. That is of course unless you don't have it and then I salute you, in working on such a day and for keeping the world ticking. Heroic speech over, to the bulletpoints:

Daily: 24th May 2010

What a fantastic weekend, if you like the sun that is. (Not me of course, there are some things I do believe are underrated, that being rain and Ian Holloway.) So, as we come crashing back down to the working week, and the rain inevitably kicks back in to ruin all of our moods (unless you are me or Jon, who love the rain) then hang around on Sidepodcast, thats almost certainly going to cheer your day up. To the bulletpoints:

Daily: 17th May 2010

Well, well, well. You wait ages for a good controversy and then bang, is there anything that Monaco can not do? And that race had everything, overtaking, massive shunts and people falling in the water. As usual, I've updated my New Teams Championship (its getting close), Leigh has his massively indepth review. At the time of writing Lukeh hasn't done his review, but I'm sure it will be up soon. Onto the bulletpoints:

Daily: 10th May 2010

Wakey wakey. Still with us aren't you, even after the Spanish Grand Prix? Please say you are. That wasn't the greatest of spectacles, but hey, lets not complain too much, at least Kamui Kobayashi and Timo Glock remembered what the chequered flag looks like (and about time too).

Daily: 3rd May 2010

Bonjour. And it is another Monday, but it is not a normal Monday, it is in fact a Bank Holiday Monday. A day in which you have an excuse to do absolutely nothing all day. Unless you are working anyways, or have to revise 60 answers to questions of French for a speaking exam on the Tuesday. Ahh well, onto the bulletpoints...

Daily: 26th April 2010

I liked Sunday. Not only did I keep my first clean sheet in three years, but we were treated to an absolute cracker of a Giggles Radio show. The theme was the letter 'M', and all I'll say there were some brilliant songs that were played in the 2 hour 40 minute show. (You have that time in the day, I know you do.)

Daily: 19th April 2010

I can hear you all yelling at me 'RG, I'm stuck here in northern Europe with simply nothing to do. How shall I spend this dull Monday while I pray for that awful volcanic ash from Iceland to go away?' Well, visitor of Sidepodcast, welcome, to the kind of new look Daily Post. With, as you can probably guess, a new writer. Each day of this week will feature a different writer of the Daily. Tomorrow, you will have the lovely Marilene here. But for now, you are stuck with me.

Daily: 28th November 2009

Hello! RG here and as today’s first ever guest writer for the Daily, I believe it is my duty to welcome you to the weekend. For me, I am delighted it is the weekend, having spent the past day and a bit stuck in bed feeling ill. Not ideal, but yesterday saw some awesome news to keep me happy.