Daily: 14th May 2010

It’s another Friday and it’s another opportunity for myself, myself being Lukeh of course, to introduce this final day of the week before another weekend of Formula 1 action. Of course, what with it being Monaco this weekend we’re all in bizarro land and practise was actually yesterday instead of today. If you’re expecting practise today then, well, you may be a tad disappointed my friends. Still, it’s Friday! So what wealth of information do we have to discuss thanks to the power of the bullet points this week?

Daily: 7th May 2010

Gimme an F! Gimme a riday! What does that spell? Friday! Yes it’s another daily here from Lukeh to take you into that final day before the weekend and guess what?! Remember that Formula 1 sport? It’s back today after a 3 week hiatus! Wahhooo! But there’s plenty to discuss before we go rummaging off to Catalunya. There is F1 news and non-F1 news to analyse, laugh at, be confused about and point at in a scared fashion. So, what can we discuss today?

Daily: 30th April 2010

It’s not quite Saturday but it’s a bit more than Thursday, which must mean it’s a Friday once again! Lukeh here once more taking through these 24 hours into another weekend of no Formula 1 and following a week of very little news (unless of course you are an avid thumb enthusiast in which F1 went into new level for excitement for you I’m sure.). Happy ‘Koninginnedag’, or Queens Day, to all the Sidepodcast fans reading in the Netherlands, hope you have an awesome celebration. I would have a Queen day myself and throw on some Bohemian Rhapsody but sadly I shall be too busy working. Enough about that though, there’s so much to discuss but Time is Running Out...!

Daily: 23rd April 2010

We have survived Thursday!! High fives all round people! *high fives* Good morning, good afternoon and good night wherever you may be in the world reading this on the last day before the weekend! Woohoo!! Lukeh here guiding you through this much loved day, although I tend to have quite bad Fridays but enough about that, and what a week it’s been eh? Volcanos, ash clouds, bad jokes, allsorts. Oh, and there was plenty of action waiting hear how F1 got back from China – just look at this blog post from Jake Humphrey. Of course the planes once again remembered what it’s like to fly through the sky without a silly volcano making it silly for them! As you can imagine, it was quite silly. Nevertheless, let’s see what wild, wonderful and downright wacky events there are to talk about...

Daily: 2nd December 2009

It’s the 2nd of December!! Lukeh here wishing a very Merry Chris-mas to all! Yes, OK, it is not Christmas Day but it is in fact the birthday of worldwide legend and much loved shy Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme!! Woohoooo!!! Chris is my favourite Muse member and there is absolutely no way I could go through this daily and not wish this absolute beast of a man a happy birthday and spread the good word of Chris-mas! But of course, we must consider other things in life.