Daily: 11th February 2011

*runs down the stairs through the studio audience* Hello, hello, hello there!! How are you? Hello!! Hello and welcome to Friday my friends, the weekly daily that comes once a week just after Thursday and just before Saturday. On today's daily we have a fab guest post from Leigh, news about Ferrari and Kubica, a lego Jenson Button and the demise of the Guitar Hero series! Lots to get on with so let's click the above button and get on with it!

Daily: 5th February 2011

Hello once again lovely people, Lukeh here ready to guide you through Saturday after Pamela needed to swap days due to not being able to write today's Daily. Now I know what you may be thinking - around these parts, Saturday is usually Australian Saturday here in the daily. We get some fabulous dailies from Amy, Pamela, Paul and Jeremy as they swap their duties about but as you can imagine I am not Australian, but rather of the Welsh variety from Wales. I do live in South Wales though, and there is a New South Wales in Australia so it kind of works out. Anyways as you can see I have decided to selotape my area of living to Australia and now I can proudly take part in Australian Saturday. All is well again! Hurrah!

Daily: 28th January 2011

Hey! Hello! I'm sorry, it's been so long since I last wrote a daily for you that I fear you may have forgotten about me. I';m still here, honest. It's Friday again and I'm back to ease you into the weekend as usual with a myriad of links and interesting things for you to read and watch. Can you believe it's 28th January already? It's utterly absurd, it feels like it was the 27th January just yesterday! Oh how time flies. Of course today is hugely important because it's the birthday of one of F1's biggest drivers ever - Takuma Sato!! Happy birthday Takuma! You should celebrate by playing F1 2010 and doing this again. Good times.

Daily: 14th January 2011

A big hello to all you folk out there wherever you may be and welcome to that day of the week that the gods of ancient past called 'Awesumus Dayus ofthy Weekus', also known as Friday. You may be in Birmingham for the Autosport International or you may be somewhere else on this fine day but I can guarantee you plenty of good times and links to share out in this daily. It's also a good chance to share out the birthday wishes as Formula 1 celebrates the birthdays of Giancarlo Fisichella and Narain Karthekaiyan today! Which is awesome! And I spelt Narry's name right! Yesss!! It's a good day already.

Daily: 7th January 2011

Helloooooo!! It's a big fresh new year for us all to enjoy and my first daily of 2011, how exciting. I hope you all have had a good New Years celebration and have all duly recovered by this point, but what with everyone returning back to work and whatnot we're all wanting to be positive around these parts and so the positivity shall continue today, hurrah! After all it is Friday and the weekend is nearly here already. In fact did you know today is Lewis Hamilton's birthday? A big happy birthday to him, although with all things in the world he has I bet he doesn't have a pack of Chewits so someone should buy him some for his birthday. Now, onwards with the Daily!

Daily: 31st December 2010

Hello once again friends, and welcome to the very last day of 2010. It's been quite a year hasn't it? Of course today is Decemeber 31st and whilst it is indeed my birthday today (Happy birthday me!) it is more importantly New Years eve and I'm sure many of you are preparing for celebrations to go into a fresh new year of good times and F1 racing. Of course, the comments will always be here so you're always welcome to come share this final day of 2010 with all the commentors in this fine e-stablishment.

Daily: 24th December 2010

Congratulations on visiting the homepage! You have found my secret message. I welcome your decision to address Sidepodcast by coming here first because Mr C very much likes people to use the homepage and I try to help out any way I can to help it get more attention. Whilst you should definitely join us in the Daily by clicking the link above, please do visit the homepage more because it's full of good info and lots of good blog posts, and look how lovely it is with those images and classic podcasts and the factbyte factbox. Lovely!

Daily: 17th December 2010

Hello, is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can here me. Is there anybody home? oh there is? Well that's just wonderful, I'm glad you are because it's Friday and we've got a fun day of positivity and good times ahead today so we're all going to have a good day! In fact, did you know that it was on this very day in 1987 that The Simpsons debuted as a prime time cartoon show? It only felt right to include today's festive picture as a scene from 'Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire', the very first episode of which was shown all those years ago today. Can you believe it's been so long?!

Daily: 10th December 2010

Gimme an F! Gimme an R! gimme an IDAY! Don't say that last one to Steve Jobs, because I don't want an iDay. What I do want is a Friday to spend with you faithful Sidepodcast commenters as we head towards another weekend with Christmas just a fortnight away! Oh my goodness. One minute it's christmas, then it's easter, than it's Christmas again then it's Halloween then it's easter again. Not sure how I've worked that one out. I will be honest chaps, I'm absolutely drained writing this tonight so I will do my best to make it the usual excellent standard you get from my fellow daily writers!

Daily: 3rd December 2010

Hello you! Have you noticed that it's December already? Goodness how time flies. Just last week it felt like it was November, where does the time go? I suppose that is what happens when time happens to be so wibbly wobbly. But there's just 22 days left until Christmas and 28 days until my birthday (4 weeks today!) and yes, I have decided we can all mention Christmas noe that I have seen the coca cola advert in December. Woohoo! Plus it's been snowing all over the country, apart from where I live, where we just got nothing really. Ah well, let's have better times with plenty of links to go through! Oh and by the way Mr C, remember to do the Sidepodchat today.

Daily: 26th November 2010

*waves* Hello again! How are you? Good I hope. I was wandering along this part of this vast interweb world when suddenly I realised it was time to write my Daily thread for this week and, well, here we are and here you are! Woohoo! Of course, I must clarify this is definitely a Daily and not a Faily. Keyboards are silly. Can I interest you in a myriad of links to wet your appetite for this fine cold Friday morning? Using my expert skills to tell the weather, it seems parts of Europe are getting a bit of snow right now, and it's a bit cold. My analysis of this is that it's pretty much winter time again. YAY! I do love winter. Almost as much as I love these links:

Daily: 19th November 2010

Good morrow to all! It’s once again Friday and that means it’s nearly time for the weekend so let;s have a good Friday to see out our first few days away from Formula 1. How have you been coping this week after the season finished? I watched the BBC season montage yesterday again and I got all sad that the season was all done but it’s such a cool video. There's some Pirelli tire testing going on today at the eternal joy that is Abu Dhabi which I'm sure will be featuring in the comments today and isn't it just lovely to see such retro looking tyres back? Love it! Anyways, we gotta get on with today so let’s see what’s in store for your reading accompaniment on this wintery Friday.

Daily: 12th November 2010

Oh hello again friends. It would appear that Friday has come round once more so I should really introduce today's daily despite the knowledge we are entering the final F1 weekend of the season! Boo! Although I am secretly pleased, because I feel like I could do with a break from F1 and the off-season is a lot of fun here. Nevertheless, make sure you read the always reliable Race Information thread to get to grips with the times for the Abu Dhabi GP, and once you've done that, make sure you read some of my links for today!

Daily: 5th November 2010

Lukeh here taking you into another Friday and man, do we have an exciting few days ahead or what? We're approaching what is easily one of the best weekend's of Formula 1 as we head down to Brazil but before we go into all of that, I want to wish a huge, huge congratulations to Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme and the arrival of baby Buster into his life yesterday! Yay! That's his fifth child now, what a guy. Time to get on with what wonders I can find for you lovely people for today.

Daily: 29th October 2010

Hello there! It's time for another Friday and another cool down day for many I'm sure as we approach a weekend with no Formula 1. Don't let this deter you though as there's plenty going on, like the amount of birthdays at the moment - yesterday saw the birthday of our overlord supremo Bernie Ecclestone as he turned 184, whilst today we celebrate the birthday of Sidepodcast commentor and all-round legend Bassano! Happy Birthday good sir! I have a very strong feeling he is nowhere near the age that Bernie is but I know Bassano will celebrate in far better style. For now though, let's look at what links are around the interwebs.

Daily: 17th October 2010

Oh hello. I realise this is a bit of a surprise not having Lou writing up her always fabulous Sunday Daily thread but sadly Lou was a bit too busy to find the time to write up her thread. The past few days have been a bit hectic for her so it's totally understandable. Luckily I'm here to hopefully guide you through Sunday and bring you some snippets of information and little bits of interesting titbits to make your Sunday a little bit more exciting. In fact, did you know that today is the birthday of Kimi Raikkonen? You may have heard of that name before - I know Lady Snowcat in the comments definitely has. So a big happy birthday to the former F1 world Champion. I'm sure he'll know how to celebrate. And now for some bullet points!

Daily: 15th October 2010

Happy Friday everybody and welcome to another Daily form yours truly that I hope you will enjoy as much as I love writing these. Today is a special day of course, as it is the birthday of my bestest friend forever Bruno Senna! Hurrah Bruno! I met Bruno earlier this year at Goodwood and it was awesome, we had a chat and everything and he is lovely. Happy Birthday Bruno Senna! Somehow there is more to that for today, so much more to talk about in fact! Let's see what's lined up for tbhis Friday...

Daily: 8th October 2010

Hello once again to one and all as we begin another Friday together with that oh so lovely weekend approaching. This weekend is a Formula 1 weekend of course at the excellent Suzuka circuit in Japan so as always we have the pleasure of Free Practise 1 and 2 at the not so friendly time of 0200 and 0600 BST so it's back to getting up at silly o'clock for the sport we all love today! Of course there is the always awesome Race Information thread here at Sidepodcast to help out. So, what else is there worth discussing today then?

Daily: 1st October 2010

Pinch, punch, first of the month! No returns! How on earth is it October already? How the year has absolutely flown by so quickly. Also, how can I follow a daily as good as yesterdays? Very cool idea from the always innovative Alex Andronov but I can't promise mine will be as exciting as his was! But that was yesterday, and today is Friday so I shall try my best to provide you with some quality reading from the world of Formula 1, Golf and graphic novels.

Daily: 24th September 2010

Hello Friday! Nice to see you again, lovely day of the week. Nice to see you too, Sidepodcast visitors and readers alike. Today is a very special day, of course. You see, Formula 1 2010 is now finally out worldwide! Hurrah! Make sure you head over to the dedicated F1 2010 thread to see what everyone else has to say as well as letting us know how you're finding the game. Also, did you know that Honda was found on this very day 62 years ago? Ahh, Honda F1 team were stuff made of legend. Then there was the amazingness that are Brawn. Then, everything went grey and Michael. Nevertheless, maybe you did know that fact. But still, now you double know! Of course, there's plenty more to talk about today.