Daily: 13th June 2010

Hello everyone! It’s Sunday! I’m expecting the daily to be pretty quiet today given the amount of sport that continues over the second day of our weekend. No doubt there’ll be a thread for today’s world cup action, I’m not going to pretend I’m personally very interested in the Football but if you are there is of course a very lively place to live comment it. If you’re like me and not a fan of the football you’ll be searching for alternative sports or links to keep you interested and entertained, and that’s my job today. Let’s get on with the bullet points;

Daily: 6th June 2010

Hey there and welcome to Sunday! It’s been a busy weekend for myself, and I hope you’re all enjoying the weather/ taking it easy and enjoying the F1 free weekend. Just because there is no F1 doesn’t mean there isn’t any motorsport though, the moto gp weekend is in full swing, unfortunately without the talents of a certain Valentino Rossi who was injured in yesterday’s practice session. I’m sure we all wish him a speedy recovery! Aside from the Moto GP you can also catch the exciting French open final at Roland Garros, who are you supporting Soderling or Nadal? And... on with the bullet points;

Daily: 30th May 2010

Hey everyone, and welcome to Sunday! I’m not sure about you but I’ve already had a very busy weekend, so I’m pleased it’s a bank holiday in the UK! Today is going to be very busy as well, as we have much to discuss and follow, here are a few things to start with;

Daily: 23rd May 2010

Hey everyone! Another Sunday is upon us, I’m writing this earlier than usual so I hope my limited blogging skills allow me to schedule this post okay. In Britain we are set for yet another hot day, so with no Grand Prix I’m sure many people will be making the most of this weather. For those of you wanting some time inside here are a few things to think about and discuss;

Daily: 16th May 2010

Wohoo! It’s Sunday at last, which can only mean one thing... it’s time for the Monaco Grand Prix! I’m very excited, I mean, Everybody Loves Monte Carlo.. right? Yesterday’s qualifying was great fun to watch, and with an out of place Ferrari and plenty of traffic to annoy the drivers, the race may be just as exciting. Then again if it’s not particularly mind blowing and no one runs to the podium, i’m sure all will be forgiven. It’s Monaco after all! I wish I could stop with the Monaco talk but there is no where better for Formula 1 to celebrate its 60th Birthday. While everyone at the track enjoys the sun, sea and shockingly loud engines sounds, what can we do?

Daily: 9th May 2010

F1 is back!! Yes that's right it's Sunday and Formula 1 has woken from its 3 week slumber ready to provide us with an afternoon of racing. However this is the daily thread and there are other things to discuss too, such as typography, pandas or why incognito browsers are so useful.

Daily: 2nd May 2010

Hello everyone, it’s Sunday, which means it must be my turn to welcome you to this lovely day. I can’t promise it will be the warm sunny weather we’ve been experiencing in the UK lately, but I’m sure the comments will be as friendly as ever. Continuing on a theme Lukeh set in Friday’s daily post I would like to express an extra special welcome to all of the Lurkers out there and invite you to join us in the glorious world of the Sidepodcast comments.

Daily: 25th April 2010

Hey everyone! Lou here, and today it’s my turn to welcome you to a brand new daily. Sunday has arrived, it's Felipe Massa's birthday, and with no F1 race this weekend we can all put our feet up and make the most of this glorious day before we are forced to return to the hustle and bustle of the working week. We won’t talk about Monday though; I’ll leave that to R.G for tomorrow’s daily. For now, we’ll look at what today has in store...