Daily: 1st July 2010

It is July! The year seems like is just flying on by, it is day 182 of 2010 and with only 183 until the end of it is essentially the middle of the year. After the last couple of weeks of almost non-stop sport we have time for a breather with the World Cup taking a break and no Formula One this weekend, Wimbledon though carries on and as always there will be a post for that.

Daily: 24th June 2010

It is Thursday once more, the day that seems to be everyone's least favourite day of the week. Normally not a lot happens on Thursday, at least from my perspective, but with a huge amount of sport taking place hopefully today will just fly by.

Daily: 17th June 2010

Welcome to Thursday 17th June 2010, the F1 circus has moved on from Canada and the teams will be working on the upgrades they will be bringing to the European Grand Prix in Valencia a week on Saturday.

Daily: 10th June 2010

It is Thursday once more, it feels like time is just flying by. Whilst these is a dislike for Thursdays on Sidepodcast it is the last day before what is a weekend full of sport with the Canadian Grand Prix, Le Mans 24 Hours and the start of the World Cup so make the most of this time.

Daily: 3rd June 2010

t is Thursday once more and after missing last weeks daily post due to illness I have returned to hopefully bring you an interesting post once more. Whilst we have no Formula One action this weekend the aftermath of the race in Turkey has left us with a number of news stories, the majority focusing on the Red Bull team.

Daily: 22nd May 2010

The week is over and it is now the weekend! Woohoo! There is no Formuala One this weekend we get a break before the Turkish Grand Prix will be taking place next weekend. This time last year we were in the gap day that exists for the Monaco Grand Prix, it has nearly been an entire year since Jenson Button went for a run down the pit straight. Doesn't time just fly by?

Daily: 20th May 2010

It is Thursday again! Where does the week go? Time is marching on and whilst we have a breather from F1 this weekend, the F1 World has certainly not gone quiet.

Daily: 13th May 2010

Hello! Welcome to Thursday 13th May 2010. We are only 4 days removed from the Spanish Grand Prix and they are at it again, this time around the twisty streets of Monaco. For the only time this year we get free practice on a Thursday rather than a Friday to allow the streets to be opened to the public again on the Friday.

Daily: 6th May 2010

Hello! and welcome to Thursday the 6th May 2010. The long wait between races is almost at an end, the first free practice session of the Spanish Grand Prix starts tomorrow after almost three weeks of no action. Also this weekend there is a Rally in New Zealand, I won't pretend to know anything about what is happening though.

Daily: 29th April 2010

This should be an interesting daily post considering I haven't a clue as to what has been going on, F1 or otherwise. I can't even remember when I last commented on Sidepodcast! This has to be the longest time that the doohicky has not been open on my computer but whilst I have work to do it will have to stay this way as much as I hate it!

Daily: 22nd April 2010

Hello! Welcome to Thursday, that dreaded day of the week, and the day I, James, have the pleasure of writing the daily post. A random fact for you all I was born on a Thursday and according to the popular nursery rhyme 'Monday's Child' those born on this day have far to go, where exactly is anyone’s guess.

Daily: 30th November 2009

It is Monday once again and to steal the title from the song by The Boomtown Rats; I don't like Mondays, the weekend is over and I'm having to get on with some work. This is the third daily post as part of the takeover, who knows maybe we should takeover more often? The aim for this daily thread is to be free of anything Formula One related. I hope the teams don't decide today is the day to reveal anything but by saying that I have probably tempted fate so if something does happen I'm sure breakout posts will appear as soon as humanly possible.