Daily: 29th September 2011

Hello all and welcome to Thursday. We've had time by now to look back and reflect on what was a reasonably good Grand Prix. For the leader it was a pretty boring, formulaic race but for those further down the field things got a little more interesting. I've decided not to do a Memorable Moments post this time around, primarily because the Singapore GP has only been around four years and apart from the Nelson Piquet Jr thing and the Felipe Massa fuel-rig thing in '08, there's really been nothing specifically memorable about this track. There was of course the Hamilton vs. Massa thing this year, then again, the main reason why that's memorable is because it only happened four days ago. All this is unfortunate, because it means I'll need to work extra hard to make this Daily a little more interesting. Still, needs must, and my efforts are exemplified here. Back in August I did a YouTube-inspired motor racing biography of English racing driver James Hunt. This time I've chosen another English racing driver-turned-pundit-turned-commentator-turned-father-of-a-racing-driver, Martin Brundle. So here we go:

Daily: 15th September 2011

Good day everyone to another Sidepodcasting day. It's been a bumper weekend of motorsport, some of which I'll mention here and others I won't - I don't have that much time on my hands. I'll even include non-motorsport news - anything to fill up a Daily page.

Daily: 1st September 2011

On last fortnight's daily post a pub prediction question was submitted on whether or not it would rain during last weekend's Belgian Grand Prix. The answer given to this question was, 'Yeah, probably.' It has come to my attention that the Grand Prix was dry throughout, therefore the answer given in the post was incorrect. I wish to apologise for the error made and promise that such inaccuracies may or may not happen again, depending on if I can be bothered to put the research in.

Daily: 18th August 2011

Good morning everyone. How's everyone coping with the current F1 season hiatus? Yeah, me too. But worry not, because this channel from Justin.tv shows continuous coverage of Formula 1 races from past and present for those of you suffering from withdrawal symptoms. The only thing is, it tends to bring up ads - both pop-up and over the screen - so you might have to either put up with it or refresh your screen a couple of times.

Daily: 4th August 2011

Another day, another fortnightly post. We're now in the first week of the summer break as far as the F1 season is concerned but the Sidepodcast community continues unabated. We all watched the Hungarian Grand Prix last Sunday, a track that doesn't normally produce exciting racing and is probably my least favourite track of them all, but was spiced up by the weather and produced some great overtakes and yet another wet-race win by Jenson Button. It seems that once again this year he can produce the goods in the rain where Vettel can't.

Daily: 21st July 2011

Guten tag and welcome to this fortnight's Memorable Moments post, which includes clips from the German Grand Prix, as well as the lowdown on another important sporting event going on at the moment - well, it's important to me anyway. The last few weeks have been like Jekyll & Hyde here in Edinburgh weather-wise. Two weeks ago it was torrential rain and thunder, last week it's been beautiful sunshine and this week we're back to torrential rain and thunder. Global Warming. There, I've said it, can we move on?

Daily: 7th July 2011

Hidley Ho, Sidepoderinos! It's another day and it's another daily. And this time, it's slightly different to my last two. Thank god. This weekend, millions of eyes all over the world will be fixated on Silverstone for the 2011 British Grand Prix, which is convenient, since a Formula 1 race will be happening at the time. And not a hint of a mention of Donington in sight. Things are good. However, as I type this, I am still reflecting on events 2 weekends ago. For those of you young enough to have been aware of it, between 1999 and 2003 Channel 5 screened a TV show called The Tribe. It was a post-apocalyptic teen drama filmed in New Zealand, in which all the adults had been killed off by a mysterious virus and the kids were left to fend for themselves and survive on their own. The show has gained cult status and its fandom thrives to this day. On Sunday 26th of June New Zealand time, there took place an event called The Tribal Gathering, a special 13-hour marathon - set up by Cloud 9, the production company behind The Tribe - of discussions, quizzes, behind-the-scenes videos and live chats with some of the actors. It also featured a video introduction by the show's creator Raymond Thompson (who, incidentally, has written scripts for EastEnders and Howard's Way). The on-line marathon began on Sunday morning in New Zealand, which was Saturday night UK time. This meant I carried on until 4am before I called it a day - or morning, rather. However, it also meant that I did watch the IndyCar Series race at Iowa after all. And no, Takuma Sato did not make it an entire race without crashing into something or even going off the track, as I had ruminated on last fortnight's Daily.

Daily: 23rd June 2011

Morning all to this, my second ever contribution to Sidepodcast. I'm starting to get used to this already. This weekend will see the Formula 1 circus descend onto Spain for the second time this year when we'll be in Valencia for the European Grand Prix. I was thinking of doing a list of memorable moments from this racetrack, just like I did with the Montreal circuit last time, then I realised: this is Valencia!

Daily: 13th June 2011

Hello one and all to this, my first official daily post for Sidepodcast. It's a great honour to be given the chance of writing for what has become a well-established and respected organisation for F1 fans. Not only that, but as a Scottish writer, it means Stephen Roy can no longer hog all the limelight.