Roland Garros Week 1

The French Open gets underway today, with the glorious orange clay courts ready to see some action. Rafael Nadal - clay court supremo - is set to defend his title on the men's side, whilst Li Na (seeded seventh) comes back to try and win the trophy for the second year in a row. Top seed Djokovic will be on the lookout to try and stop Nadal, as will Roger Federer and Andy Murray. Li Na will have to be wary of Victoria Azarenka, Maria Sharapova, and Sam Stosur - who kicks things off on Day 1 playing Great Britain's Elena Baltacha.

London Marathon

It's that time of year again, when top notch athletes, people raising money for charity, and generally plenty of crazy types head to England's capital city to attempt to run 26 miles. I just managed 5 a week or so ago, and that was hard enough. This year there is more pressure on British athletes who are hoping to gain a spot in the Olympics squad for later this year. Sit down, tune in, and watch the inspirational people running so you don't have to!

Crashed Ice live from Quebec

Quebec is the big one, the race that everyone waits for, the downhill event that is the culmination of several months hard skating. The city plays host to the final of the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship, or as we know it, Crashed Ice. Kyle Croxall is in the lead at the moment, but there are still five other skaters with the potential to win, and as we know from previous experience - anything can happen when the skates are on.

Six Nations - England vs Wales

Twickenham plays host to the England and Wales rugby players, as they face off against each other in the latest bout of the Six Nations Cup. Both are on equal footing when it comes to the form guide, but Wales have always struggled for luck at the Twickenham Stadium. The game will be live on BBC One, following coverage of the Ireland versus Italy game. Who will you be cheering on?

Crashed Ice live from Are

Crashed Ice heads to its third destination of four, with a trip to the Swedish ski resort of Are. Sweden played host to the first ever Red Bull Crashed Ice event, so the extreme sport is returning to its excellent roots. With fast and furious heats, anything can happen in each and every race, and it always does. The course is challenging, the atmosphere cold but electric, and the championship is still up for grabs. Tune in as the action gets underway in this penultimate round of the 2012 Crashed Ice World Championship.

Crashed Ice live from Valkenburg

Crashed Ice enters its second weekend, pitting top athletes against a challenging and dangerous downhill course, armed with just some skates and a heck of a lot of courage. This sport is fast, furious, changeable and exhilarating, and that's why we keep on coming back for more. From the chilly course in Saint Paul, we move to the freezing ice of Valkenburg, with defending champion Arttu Pihlainen sandwiched between the Croxall brothers in the Crashed Ice standings.

Crashed Ice live from Saint Paul

Take a dash of ice, a gruelling downhill course, and throw in a handful of extreme skaters and you come up with the delightfully crazy world of Crashed Ice. There are four events in the 2012 season, and this is the first. Every single heat is fast, unpredictable, fabulous and exhilarating. Join us to welcome in the new season of Crashed Ice.

Doctor Who - The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe

This time last year we live commented the rather fabulous tale of Doctor Who taking on A Christmas Carol. This year, it appears that Matt Smith will be taking on the world of Narnia - with a wintry world available through a piece of household furniture. At first glance, it looks odd, but that is always the way with Doctor Who and we must put our trust in Moffatt and co!

Doctor Who - The Wedding of River Song

Way back in April, we started an epic journey with the Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams, that involved an impossible astronaut, a lake, and the death of the man we all love so much. Now, several months, lots of exciting adventures, and a series break later, we have come full circle. We know the identity of River Song and how she fits into the world, but we don't know about her wedding!

Daily: 18th September 2011

Hello there, it's Sunday and it's not a race day, so what are you doing with your hours? I know we have people out and about, travelling. Pat is on his way to the Goodwood Revival, and Amy is in Sydney watching some tennis. Meanwhile, here at Sidepodcast, we're locked away in the office thinking, plotting, planning and getting creative. Oh, and we'll be recording the Debrief soon, promise.

Daily: 5th September 2011

Hello and welcome to Monday, it's that time again, time for a daily. I suppose it is also back to school time again. I always remember the fifth of September as the sort of time I'd get that sinking feeling. Thankfully, school was a while ago for me. Anyways, what kind of F1 things are we talking about?

Daily: 30th August 2011

Hello, welcome, it's another day. We are almost at the end of August. How has that happened?

Daily: 22nd August 2011

Hello there, it is Monday, the start of another week, and this is your daily post to kick things off. F1 will return next weekend, so the summer break is over, the waiting is almost done, things will start kicking into gear once more.

Daily: 8th August 2011

Hey, hey, welcome to Monday, hope all is well where you are. Another week begins, and we are right in the middle of the summer break. So far, so good, there's still F1 news trickling in to tide us over, and there's plenty happening elsewhere in the world to keep us occupied until the action starts up again in a few weeks. Here are some of the things I've been perusing...

Daily: 25th July 2011

Hello lovely people, it is Monday and this is your daily for today. Doesn't Mark Webber look cold in that picture? The weather in Germany was a lot cooler than we were expecting, although the rain never came. Every time there is never a sign of rain, despite all weather forecasts saying there will be some, I swear off predicting the weather. But every time a race swings by, I start pondering what the weather will be again. It's addictive.

Daily: 9th July 2011

Today would normally be Amy's Heikki News Monthly, but I suspect that timezones have got in the way again. To honour what should be the content of this daily, here are five tweets from Heikki recently.

Wimbledon 2011: Day 13

Today, it's time to crown the Men's Champion, as current World Number 1 Rafael Nadal takes on the soon-to-be Number 1 Novak Djokovic. It's hard to know which way this match will go - both players have stormed their way through the field so far, but both have little niggles they'll have to deal with too.

Wimbledon 2011: Day 12

Two weeks of build-up leads directly to this weekend's action - two massive finals, and today it's the turn of the women. Maria Sharapova takes on Petra Kvitova. The form that Sharapova has been on makes the outcome seem inevitable, but you never know at Wimbledon. Stranger things have happened.

Wimbledon 2011: Day 11

Yesterday saw a pretty good day of tennis, although neither of the players that I finally decided I liked made it through, which is disappointing. Today we have more great stuff in store with the Men's Semi-Finals.

Wimbledon 2011: Day 10

We're now rolling towards the end of Wimbledon, with each day bringing closer and closer matches, and more and more excitement. Yesterday saw the surprising defeat of Roger Federer, who took it very gracefully, as he always does.