Daily: 19th January 2009

Argh! One Debrief later and my whole schedule has gone wrong. Today we're looking at a couple of launches and some testing in Portugal - although Ferrari decided against it because of the weather. Plenty of pictures should be heading our way, then, so keep your eye on the comments for that and more.

Daily: 18th January 2009

Saturday turns into Sunday, and it's the return of the live Debrief show. Unlike last week, there is no chance that karting can be used as an excuse to postpone the show. That's not to say there can't be some other bizarre reason, but fingers crossed everything goes to plan.

Daily: 17th January 2009

Phew. A hectic week of launches has come to an end, and whilst it's great to see some F1 action, I'm glad for the weekend! We've seen a sleek Ferrari, a similar Toyota, and a sexy McLaren, I can't wait to see what else is on the horizon.

Daily: 16th January 2009

What a fun-filled day we have had today! It's gratifying to know that even a big company like Toyota can underestimate how much pressure they'll put on their servers, and everything can fall down around their ears too.

Daily: 15th January 2009

Over the hump of the week and it's all downhill into the weekend from here. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm pretty much ready for another car to launch now. Oh, lucky us, there is one about to drop today.

Daily: 14th January 2009

Having recovered from the sight of the Ferrari, we're now eagerly anticipating the Toyota launch. They're rolling out the TF109 tomorrow in spectacular online fashion. Apparently. Anyway, here's what's going on in and around the comments.

Daily: 13th January 2009

We are well and truly into the 2009 season now, with launches and an official entry list to kick start the year. From a drought of F1 news, January has become a flood of teams and drivers talking up their chances for the coming season. We are pretty much recovered from Autosport now, and can start concentrating on what 2009 has to bring.

Daily: 11th January 2009

We had a packed day yesterday, with the trade show and the Bloggers karting. Both were fun in their unique ways, and we'll be telling you all about them later in today's show. Before that, though, there are plenty of things to discuss, as plenty has been happening whilst we've been out and about.

Daily: 10th January 2009

For both of us at Sidepodcast, it is a long day's trek to Birmingham for Autosport International and Bloggers Karting. More of that later, as there will still be plenty to talk about in the F1 world...

Daily: 9th January 2009

If there was a drought of Formula 1 news before, then the flood gates have well and truly opened today. Autosport International kicked off for the press, and we've heard from a few paddock people already. It's not just limited to Birmingham, though, there's news coming in from all over the world.

Daily: 8th January 2009

Is it too early in the year to start moaning that it's going to fast? 7 whole days of 2009 have passed already, and we're heading swiftly into the 8th. For those wishing the season to hurry up and get here fast, I think it might just do that.

Daily: 6th January 2009

As if by magic, the entire Formula 1 world woke up yesterday and the news stories started pouring in. Mr C found the difference amazing, after surviving on a holiday diet of GMM waffle, re-experiencing some proper journalism from Autosport felt like heaven.

Daily: 4th January 2009

Today was looking to be pretty low on F1 related fun, until we discovered that Fantasy Racers was up and running for 2009. There was suddenly a flurry of action as we tried to think up some new team names, decide that our old names will do, create the Sidepodcast league, and get all signed up.

Daily: 2nd January 2009

I hope everyone had a good New Year's Day. We've just heard some fireworks going off, meaning that someone is celebrating exactly 24 hours too late. Bless them. It's been a quiet day in F1, which means there's only one news story to talk about, but we've been filling our time with other things.

Daily: 1st January 2009

It's arrived! No more nostalgia from us, we can now look forward to the year ahead with anticipation and I would almost say glee. There is no excuse for quiet F1 news days anymore, either, with launches happening throughout the month, then testing, then the season begins. I get ahead of myself, though. Here's what's going on at the moment.

Daily: 31st December 2008

So here we are, the last day of 2008. It's been a bumper year, packed full of highs and lows, and we've been making our way everything that occurred in our end of year series. The F1 news is slowly picking up though, and soon we will be diving head first into 2009.

Daily: 30th December 2008

With Honda Racing seemingly back in the Classified Ads, the news has died down again somewhat, but that doesn't stop us in the comments. In Sidepodcast Towers, we've been working on some of the 2008 In... series, and forward planning for 2009. I know, us and forward planning, who would have thought?

Daily: 29th December 2008

Things are gradually picking up again in the Formula 1 world, which is good because we are reduced to playing golf games. Although, the golf game is quite good, so perhaps that's not a bad thing.

Daily: 28th December 2008

Ah-ha, we have some F1 news at last. Just as we were starting to wonder whether F1 had been a simple figment of our imagination, we are blessed with a serious rumour. Okay, it's nothing concrete, but it's a start, isn't it?

Daily: 27th December 2008

Shh. No one will notice that this post is going up so late. In fact, things are very quiet around Sidepodcast at the moment, so perhaps no one really will. Here at Sidepodcast Towers we're working hard on some behind the scenes bits and pieces, and hurrying to try and catch up with all the year end stuff we want to do. Damn all those mince pies being so distracting!