Daily: 15th April 2009

It's D-Day all round for everyone, as we should be getting the results of the diffuser hearing, and we're also heading to the science museum for the meetup. So, chances are those two items will dominate discussions today...

Daily: 14th April 2009

It's not long now until the Sidepodscience meetup gets underway in London. However, before we get there, we've got a few news stories to discuss first...

Daily: 13th April 2009

I leave him for just four days and find that the daily post has shifted to arrive just five minutes before the next day begins. I am back now and order will be restored. Because I have no idea what's been going on and Mr C tells me I have missed nothing in F1 news, I will simply regale you with tales of my holiday.

Daily: 10th April 2009

This is it, my final daily post before I head off into the sunset... for a few days. I am leaving you in the capable hands of Mr C, and that should be scary for us all. No mention of pandas, or Franck, or Le Seb. How will you all cope?

Daily: 9th April 2009

News was very slow yesterday, which actually makes a nice, refreshing change as it doesn't seem to have stopped since well before the season actually started. With that being the case, here are some of the other things we're discussing at the moment...

Daily: 8th April 2009

All talk at the moment has been on McLaren and the FIA, and that looks set to continue until their hearing is over later this month. As a refreshing change, then, here are some of the Sidepodcast goodies going on at the moment...

Daily: 7th April 2009

Now that Monday is out the way, it's time for Tuesday to arrive, and Easter is creeping ever closer. Is anyone expecting any chocolate this coming weekend? Anyway, here's what we've been discussing recently...

Daily: 6th April 2009

Monday morning again, and time to recover from another weekend of racing action. Although, given that the GP was cut short, we had plenty of time to do that yesterday as well. Here's what's on topic today...

Daily: 5th April 2009

Race day once again, and we're certainly looking forward to this one. We desperately didn't want rain in Australia so we could at least attempt to see the natural order of things. Although really we are still clueless, I'm not so against a downpour or two in Malaysia this weekend.

Daily: 4th April 2009

Qualifying day in Sepang then, but we've got a good few hours before the excitement begins. Hopefully, we'll be catching up on some sleep today and there will be no extra-curricular press conferences to keep an eye on.

Daily: 3rd April 2009

We're heading straight into the Malaysian GP weekend now, with Free Practice already under our belts. Having stayed up the majority of the night to watch it, I can safely say I'm tired! However, I can't wait for the action to get going again.

Daily: 2nd April 2009

Now that April Fool's is completely out the way, we can start taking the stories we see pop up today seriously. Well, you know, within reason. Here's what's been catching our attention...

Daily: 1st April 2009

If there's anything I dislike more than Thursdays, it's April Fool's Day. I don't remember the last time I saw a really good, original fool that got everyone talking. However, it could happen, so keep your eyes peeled.

Daily: 31st March 2009

The end of another month already? Time is just flying, especially now the season has started. Monday is out the way, and the countdown clocks are already showing under three days until Free Practice 1 in Malaysia gets going.

Daily: 30th March 2009

Although we are still reliving the joy of Australia, it really is time to start looking forward to Malaysia. I've already seen some preview quotes from the teams sneaking out, and the action gets underway again in just four days.

Daily: 29th March 2009

That's it, it's over, but what a lot there is to talk about! We have just enjoyed the first race of the 2009 season, and it was a corker. Safety cars, overtaking aplenty, this will keep us going for... well, until next week I guess.

Daily: 28th March 2009

Qualifying is over, and it's safe to say we're all blown away by how dominant Brawn GP really were. At no point did it look like they would be anywhere else but the front row, and it turns out they locked it out. Roll on the race!

Daily: 27th March 2009

Well, we have now seen our first Formula 1 action, and it was as chaotic as was expected. Actually, it was good to see so many cars out on track because we were worried that there would be little running. Boy, how wrong we were.

Daily: 26th March 2009

It's so close you can almost feel it, we're starting to get atmospheric pictures from the Sidepodcommunity on the ground in Australia. There's just one more day before things kick off, if you can count tomorrow as a full day.

Daily: 25th March 2009

In an attempt to distract from the potential diffuser row that could ruin all semblance of racing in Australia, it's time for a daily post that is all about the shameless plug.