Daily: 26th May 2009

For those of us that enjoyed a bank holiday yesterday, it's straight back into the working week now. Nevertheless, there is plenty going on this week for us to discuss, and here are some of the things we've been talking about recently...

Daily: 25th May 2009

We're recovering from Monaco today (and the Indy 500 if you partake of such things), and thankfully in the UK we have another bank holiday to make the most of. Others are not so lucky, but let us know what you're up to either way.

Daily: 24th May 2009

It is race day in Monaco, then, and we have lost Joe again for the second time in two days. Damn, we are careless with this man. Must try harder. Nevertheless, here are some of the things we've been talking about...

Daily: 23rd May 2009

It seems as though all the talking that the teams and Max did yesterday has cheered them up a little, even if they haven't come to any kind of conclusion yet. This is good as we're heading straight back into the racing today, with Free Practice and Qualifying.

Daily: 22nd May 2009

It's the quiet before the storm now, with Free Practice under our belts and a whole day of confusion before we get to see qualifying. Hands up who thought it was the weekend today? Meanwhile, here's what we're talking about...

Daily: 21st May 2009

It's Free Practice day in Monaco today, and it's confusing me greatly, because I am not supposed to like Thursdays. Nevertheless, the action gets underway, and thank goodness for that! Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 20th May 2009

Halfway through the week, some would call it hump day, I think, as it is all downhill from here. Plus we are now only one day away from getting to see those cars in action again, which will brighten up all our weeks.

Daily: 19th May 2009

I did not realise this, but apparently we are into the second day of Spock Obsession Awareness Week. Who knew there was such a thing, and was the Star Trek movie released to coincide with this? Anyway, here are some of the things we're discussing in the F1 world...

Daily: 18th May 2009

We've had a pretty good, relaxing weekend at Sidepodcast Towers. Always busy, but nothing hectic, so we approach this week with trepidation. The Monaco GP weekend is fast approaching and the schedules will be mixed up with Free Practice on a Thursday.

Daily: 17th May 2009

For those who have been expecting a mini series this week, I apologise that there isn't one. We contemplated taking a weekend off (shock, horror!), but decided to do a live show instead. If you're around about 7pm tonight, then tune in, and you never know what we'll be up to.

Daily: 16th May 2009

We're heading into the weekend now, so it's about time you told us what you're up to. I'm writing this at 2am on the morning of the daily post, with a little rosé under my belt. No doubt I'll be asleep by the time you read this.

Daily: 15th May 2009

Apparently today is the 'International Day of Families' and this year's theme is 'Challenges in a Changing World.' Nice and fitting, as we heard this week about Felipe Baby actually having a baby. Anyway, here's some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 14th May 2009

I was browsing the Wikipedia entry for May 14th for some kind of interesting fact, and found that Stirling Moss won the Monaco GP on this day in 1961. The people's encyclopedia also says that Moss removed the side panels of his Lotus to help keep him cool. Crikey!

Daily: 13th May 2009

We're halfway through the week now and it's far from the quiet news week I thought it might be. Nevertheless, here are some of the other things we're talking about...

Daily: 12th May 2009

The teams are threatening to pull out of the sport and we're hearing complaints about the budget caps all over the place. However, it's time to look to the positives, and see what else is happening following the Spanish GP...

Daily: 11th May 2009

With the Spanish Grand Prix over, there's a lull in the action before Monaco in two weeks time. It's good for us as we get a rest, but there'll still be news to discuss, such as...

Daily: 10th May 2009

Yesterday was a surprising day in F1 land, as we saw Ferrari show improvements and make the same old mistakes. However, there were other things rumbling on outside of the Barcelona action that caught our eye.

Daily: 9th May 2009

Free Practice was probably about what we were expecting - Piquet wasn't particularly impressive, the BMWs were hit and miss, and Alonso was doing his best to show off for the crowds. Here's to more of the same today.

Daily: 8th May 2009

Free Practice gets underway today, so we will finally get back to the racing action. It's been a good couple of weeks, so it'll be nice to see those cars going round and round again. Meanwhile, here's what we've been talking about...

Daily: 7th May 2009

I am taking back the reigns of the Daily post, thanks to Mr C for covering. We're both still under the weather, if we're honest, but we're soldiering on because there's some good racing around the corner, I just know it.