Daily: 14th October 2009

Today is World Standards Day, and supposedly this is to celebrate those who create and uphold standards in organisations. Do we need to come up with some Sidepodcast standards? For instance, pandas must be mentioned at least once a day? Or Mr C must bake a cupcake at least once a year and document it on a live show? What do you think?

Daily: 13th October 2009

Monday is over and done with then, so we're onto Tuesday. Things are ramping up towards Brazil as teams start releasing their preview press releases and we start looking at the weather forecasts. Here are some of the things we're talking about.

Daily: 12th October 2009

It's Lou's birthday today! Lou has been commenting on the site since August 2007 and I know that everyone will want to wish her a happy birthday. Today is the day to do it. We're also talking about some F1 related things today, though.

Daily: 11th October 2009

It was a quiet day on Sidepodcast yesterday as we were (and are still) in the process of moving furniture about. There was some racing in the evening though, so plenty to keep you all occupied.

Daily: 10th October 2009

Apparently today is the Day of Finnish Literature in Finland, of course, which should make Amy very happy. Perhaps we should challenge her to read a Finnish book or something. Anyway, we are busy moving house (again) but here are some of the things we're talking about.

Daily: 9th October 2009

Yesterday was a relatively quiet news day, compared to those we have seen over the past few days. Things are slowing down momentarily, just before everything ramps up again for Brazil. Meanwhile, here's what we're talking about.

Daily: 8th October 2009

It's turning out to be quite a difficult week at Sidepodcast Towers, as we stumble from one disaster to the next. That being the case, I would like all comments today to be happy and fluffy. Don't make me start going on about rolling meadows and whiskers on kittens and stuff like that.

Daily: 7th October 2009

We are midway through the week now, and apparently this is the 280th day of the year. That is quite a lot of the year gone already, huh? Still, here are some of the things we're talking about.

Daily: 6th October 2009

We are into Tuesday already, which means Monday is well and truly gone. I don't know about anyone else, but I found it to be quite a stressful one. Turning towards today instead, then, here are some of the things we're discussing.

Daily: 5th October 2009

It's been quite a manic weekend both on and off track. The Japanese Grand Prix held plenty of surprise, not all of them good. Meanwhile, Sidepodcast Towers began their first weekend of moving house.

Daily: 4th October 2009

Hands up who knows what went on yesterday? Could you explain it to the rest of us? It was madness, and whilst I know we haven't yet unravelled it all completely, I'm kinda hoping for more of the same today. It's about time we had a race that wasn't straightforward.

Daily: 3rd October 2009

We're all feeling the after effects of staying up/getting up to watch what was essentially a non-existant Free Practice session. Well, I say "we" but I slept through all bar one installation lap from Alguersuari.

Daily: 2nd October 2009

It's Free Practice Friday, and we'll be up in just a couple of hours to watch the first action in Japan. The drivers are all bigging up the weekend, so let's hope it lives up to expectations.

Daily: 1st October 2009

It's October, a brand new month, and things are showing no signs of slowing down in Formula 1. In fact, it's all gearing up, as the championship could be over this weekend.

Daily: 30th September 2009

It's the last day of September, which means there are just three more months until the end of the year. It also means all the shops are looking at Christmas already, which is ridiculous.

Daily: 29th September 2009

Sorry, can someone tell me where Monday went? I must have missed. I can't really say I want it back, you know, it is Monday, after all. It went rather quickly for me, what about anyone else?

Daily: 28th September 2009

Monday is upon us again, and we have only the briefest amount of time to recover from Singapore before turning our attention to Japan. However, it is still all about the night race, and here's what we've been talking about.

Daily: 27th September 2009

All eyes are still on Singapore, as the racing gets underway today. It's been an interesting weekend so far, with plenty to talk about, so hopefully there is more to come.

Daily: 26th September 2009

It is both qualifying day and Franck day today, as there is the small matter of a Petit Le Mans race to attend to later. Before that though, I am looking forward to my first lie in for a while. How are you guys spending your weekend?

Daily: 25th September 2009

We have reached Friday and it is Free Practice day in Singapore. Things have been about Renault all week, so it would be nice if some other teams got a mention.