Daily: 23rd November 2009

Here we are then, another Monday is upon us. Don't forget that if you would like the chance to write a daily post at some point in the future, then the option is there! I am taking volunteers for a series of guest written daily posts, and it's a good excuse to plug your own blog, or links that you like. We've had a great response so far, but there's always room for more.

Daily: 22nd November 2009

I had a bit of an idea, concerning the daily, in that guest writers could come along and take over the threads for a while, promoting their work and linking to the stories of the day that they find fascinating, rather than you always hearing from me. I've set up a wiki page for volunteers, and although the details are sketchy at the moment, let us know if you'd like to get involved.

Daily: 21st November 2009

I am slightly late with this daily post, as Mr C and myself were caught up playing the new Wii game. On the strength of Lukeh's review, we went out and bought it and then hijacked our inlaws for their console. Apologies for that. Elsewhere...

Daily: 20th November 2009

We have reached yet another Friday, and that means it is the end of the week. Hurrah for Fridays. We had a nice quiet non-news day yesterday, which is exactly what we all needed, and I am hoping the weekend will hold more of the same. Meanwhile, here's how we're keeping ourselves occupied...

Daily: 19th November 2009

I am declaring 19th Nov to be LCLT day - the day when we give the much-ignored Live Commenting solution some love. I know it does have it's hard-core fans, and that is excellent, but I think we need to raise awareness to the Live Commenting single-thread goodness. Perfect for tracking each conversation separately, and more importantly, posting your thoughts in the right place.

Daily: 18th November 2009

Here we are, halfway through the week, and the news has been pouring forth over the last few days. What else can there be to come over the next few? Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 17th November 2009

Today is Tom Walkinshaw's birthday, and if you're like me and feel like it's a familiar name without recollecting why - he's a racer/team manager. Mr Walkinshaw purchased the Arrows team and bought Damon Hill on board and together they scored a podium.

Daily: 16th November 2009

We had quite a relaxing weekend at Sidepodcast HQ, and I hope yours was of a similar nature. We are into a brand new week now, with Monday dawning probably quite dark and maybe even a little bit stormy. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 15th November 2009

We have reached Sunday and it is Doctor Who day! Eh-hem. Please excuse any Doctor Who excitement in the daily thread today, but we have been waiting a long time for this! Of course, there are plenty of F1 things to talk about. Well, I say plenty, there are a couple of things.

Daily: 14th November 2009

The daily thread is an entire year old now, and we would have missed it if it hadn't been for RG's eagle eyes. Check out the celebratory blog post here, and let us know what you think of the good ol' daily. Meanwhile, here are some other things we're talking about...

Daily: 13th November 2009

Friday at last and we have survived another week. It was quite a busy day on Sidepodcast yesterday as we told you some of our plans for the off season, and then came up with a brand new one as well. It's all go here, I tell ya! Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 12th November 2009

We have reached Thursday once again, and it seems to have been a bit of a trying week for a lot of commentors so far. Let's hope that Terrible Thursday isn't too bad this time round. What we'll do to ward off the evil spirits, is talk about Formula 1!

Daily: 11th November 2009

We are in the middle of the week now, and it is Gil de Ferran's birthday today. Part time racer, part time director, we're a fan of Ferran after meeting him at the Honda quiz a few years ago. Anyway, here are some of the more F1 related things we're talking about:

Daily: 10th November 2009

Monday flew for me, so we are on to Tuesday already. Over the weekend, I said that the site hadn't gone down since the redesign, and yesterday it fell over twice. So, what can I jinx today? Anyway, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 9th November 2009

Today is apparently Inventor's Day in Europe, which is a day set aside to celebrate all things independent and inventing. This is good, as we have a wiki page setting out all the things the commentors want invented. If anyone is good with a hammer and stuff, then dive right in!

Daily: 8th November 2009

We have reached Sunday, and it is the first weekend of the off season. No racing to watch, but at least a chance to have a lie in, and relax. There was talk of feeling depressed at the lack of action yesterday, but there is no need for that. We have a great doohickey, lovely people to talk to and plenty of fun and games planned for the next few months. Be happy and savour the down time so the action is even better when it gets going again next year.

Daily: 7th November 2009

It is Saturday morning and I am already fifteen minutes late writing this daily post. Oops. Still, this is the first real day of my off-season, and I am determined to enjoy it. What about you?

Daily: 6th November 2009

It is the day after Bonfire Night, so hopefully it is all peaceful now the fireworks have been used up. Unless there are going to be more at the weekend. Oh dear. Well, it's Friday today, Thursday is done, so nothing will get us down. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 5th November 2009

If you were hoping for a quiet off season, you will need to wait just a little bit longer. It is Bonfire Night tonight, and we have certainly seen fireworks in Formula 1 for the past few days. Ahh, I like being cheesy about it.

Daily: 4th November 2009

It is Jacques Villeneuve Sr's birthday today - brother to Gilles and uncle of the baggy-overalled Jacques we know and love. Eh-hem. He was also a race driver too, and took part in a couple of years worth of F1. What a family!