Daily: 26th September 2011

Hello! I hope today finds you in fine spirits and good health. Despite Senna having an appalling weekend – Renault had tyre trouble, leading to Senna’s brief flirtation with the wall – and Schumi attempting short-distance flight, there were some positives this weekend.

Daily: 12th September 2011

Hello everyone and welcome once again to the Monday after a race. It always feels slightly melancholy, doesn't it? Knowing that the result has been decided and history shaped, for better or worse.

Daily: 15th August 2011

Hello Sidepodders! How are you doing? May I ask you a question? Let's suppose that you had a robot to wake you up each morning with a cup of tea/coffee and some kind of greeting that was less jarring than the traditional alarm clock noise, what would be your noise? More importantly, whose voice would you record to say it? (I'm excluding Andy Serkis as a possibility, because “Good morning, Preciousss!” is too creepy to contemplate)

Daily: 1st August 2011

So, the summer break is here. Despite Hungary's reputation for being a dull race, we had quite an exciting one! Vettel proved that he could actually pull off a decent overtake; Heidfeld lost most of his exhaust before his engine blew up; Hamilton actually made a decent apology; Button defied the usual jinx that accompanies significan races to win his 200th Grand Prix.

Daily: 18th July 2011

Good morning sidepodders! Happy Monday, even though I think we'll all agree that this is our collective least favourite day of the week. I hope you get to the end of this with a slightly perkier outlook on today.

Daily: 4th July 2011

Happy Monday Sidepodders! I hope today finds you in good cheer, with a week stretching out ahead of you full of promise and exciting things.

Daily: 23rd May 2011

Morning, Sidepodders, happy Monday! Shall we go over the important things? We saw The Pointy Finger, but the emotional thank-yous were replaced with Vettel's version of the Crazy Frog. According to Adam Hay-Nicholls, it's a Red Bull in-joke. Oh, you meant news we didn't foresee?