Daily: 30th November 2010

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Are you enjoying the snow? Did you manage to obtain some comfy, fluffy and warm winter clothing? Lucky you. I didn’t. I have to admit that I genuinely hate snow and this freezing temperatures, but I presume I am not the only one. The only thing I like about winter is winter sports. And Christmas with footie filled Boxing Day. Yeaaaaaaah, that’s what we sports freaks enjoy, right? Not this ... all right, let’s concentrate on something we love then.

Daily: 23rd November 2010

I have to begin this Daily with an apology. Because it’s going to be all about football. Sorry for that, but since I have spent the whole weekend watching/speaking/tweeting/ and writing about it, I genuinely can’t think about something else today. I hope you will read this post and leave a comment. Big virtual sidepodhug for that! And who doesn’t like hugs? OK? Are you still here? Nice. :-) All right then, let’s move on. There’s been some amazing scenes in the world of football this weekend. Loads of goals in for all. It was genuinely raining goals! 36 in Spain, 30 in England and Germany, 27 in Italy and France and “only” 19 in Portugal, to name the major leagues only. Let’s start with which I started the Footie Marathon: with the Premier League ...

Daily: 16th November 2010

“What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when. I tried so hard (Alonso) and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter (4 bloody points!!). I put my trust in you (Ferrari strategist §%%$%$%&%), pushed as far as I can go and for all this there's only one thing you should know...” Yes, we do know it now. Last week we didn’t know who will be the new Formula 1 World Champion. Today we know: It’s Fernando Alonso Sebastian Vettel. I assume it’s Christian Horner’s best birthday gift ever.

Daily: 9th November 2010

On this day, 43 years ago, the first issue of The Rolling Stone magazine has been published. It featured an image of John Lennon. The first sidepodcast-post form the 21st October 2006 featured David Coulthard. I know John Lennon wasn’t a huge sports fan, but I can imagine David being a Beatles fan. Christine, I don’t want to brag, but I got even further than seeing Daveheart, as I touched Niki Lauda (and Valle Rossi wasn’t far away)! Hahahahahahaha!

Daily: 2nd November 2010

Welkom op dit heerlijk dinsdag en ik hoop dat jullie mijn blog echt gaan genieten. Dus … Warmee zal ik beginnen? Right. First of all I have to explain this introduction which is in Dutch. How come? Because I’m studying Dutch Philology from now on (well, I signed up on Friday to be correct), and wanted to share this with you. Excited!

Daily: 26th October 2010

Yesterday on a well-known team radio: Peeeep! “Fernando, you and the team deserve to read this daily post. You and the team deserve to read this daily post. It’s beautiful. Grande.” Peeeep! And who deserves to read my daily even more than El Maestro? You, my dear sidepodcasters! And since I’m still in party mood after Sunday, I shall only provide you with merry news and links. You may ask why I am in such a “Champagnerlaune”, as we call it in Germany. There are two big reasons why I just want to kiss and hug everyone.

Daily: 19th October 2010

Hello my dear sidepodcasters and welcome to my daily. I shall provide you with all information you deserve to know for today. First of all: Happy Birthday Heikki Kovalainen! Or “Hyvaa syntymapaivaa” as they say it in Finnish. I hope he’ll take himself a day off to celebrate as he’s been very busy in the recent days. Celebrate yourself, Heikki, because you’re a nice lad.

Daily: 12th October 2010

It’s another Tuesday and I am glad you’re starting this day with me. Despite of no proper football it’s been a quite sport-packed weekend. One moment … I have to concentrate and consider where to start … Right. Since I already mentioned footie, I shall conduct this thought to a proper end.

Daily: 5th October 2010

Hello my dear fellow sidepodcasters! It’s Tuesday again and I am glad you starting this Tuesday with my post. Because that’s what you’re doing, aren’t you? You’d better …! We’re having a lovely autumn here in Cologne, I hope you’re able to enjoy this season without an umbrella wherever you are. In case you didn’t know: it’s World Teacher’s Day today. Are you glad you do not have to go to school anymore? I am. I hated mathematics. And physics. And chemistry. This whole boring stuff … brrrrrrrrr!! Well, I still hate it. *shudders*

Daily: 28th September 2010

Welcome to the second daily of this new week. I hope you’d had a nice Monday and I hope this Tuesday will be even better. I like Tuesdays. Do you? I like this one in particular, because it means I have only two days left till my “holidays”. I took myself four days off and I am going to visit my Dutch friend in Venlo, the home of VVV Venlo, a football team you definitely do not need to know. Or follow. Trust me.

Daily: 21st September 2010

Good morning ladies and gents! How are you today? How are you after a weekend without Formula 1? Well, we should practice ourselves, because there’re only five races left! But let’s not pull ourselves down and look too far into the future, let’s focus on the present. The very recent past wasn’t that kind with me (in terms of footy), so I really force myself to focus on the present.

Daily: 14th September 2010

Hi there! My name is Amanda (Google also knows me as amandoloss) and this is my first ever post for sidepodcast.com. I will be keeping you up to date on everything what’s worth of being mentioned every Tuesday. Before I start I’d like to warn you straight away: there will be some footy news in my posts, especially about Liverpool FC, so Manchester fans hiding there somewhere... beware! But let’s get started with some racing stuff, shall we? Bruuuuummmmmmmmmmmm!!!