Wimbledon 2011: Day 2

21 June, 2011 at 10:30 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

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Credit: Lukeh

As Noddy Holder once famously sang, 'So here it is Merry Wimbledon, Everybody's having fun, Look to the future now, It's only just begun'. I believe that's what he really meant anyways as we're into Day 2 of the 2 week Wimbledon fun times with plenty to look forward to as well as plenty to look back already from the one day we've had of this fine little tennis tournament that has a bit of heritage. I mean, I only found out the other day that Wimbledon has been going on since 1877! That is all kinds of crazy, and as Lou mentioned in Day 1 that makes this year the 125th anniversary, woohoo! We do like an anniversary don't we?

So Day 1, not a bad day to kick off Wimbledon with reigning champion and all round very-good-at-tennis guy Rafael Nadal overcame Michael Russell to start on a high with a pretty easy victory in the end. On the plus side Russell did some pretty cool dives that footballers would be proud of and he definitely deserves some credit for his effort. Of course, it wasn't just Nadal with the big names who succeeded - you may have heard of this chap known as Andy Murray, he's quite good and after a nervy start against Daniel Gimeno-Traver he came back and beat him 6-0 about 14 times in a row or something. In all seriousness, after the initial first set victory he kind of demolished him. In fact Andy won 13 games in a row at the end which is damn impressive.

Elsewhere in the wonderful world of Wimbledon Fran Schiavone (Everyone seems to pronounce it Sckee-a-vone and I pronounce it Shi-voh-nee) beat Jelena Dokic to progress, along with second seed Vera Zvonareva and the returning Venus Williams who beat the marvellously named Akgul Amanmuradova to win. Womens tennis players have such complicated names don't they? There's Wozzizonachie and there's Amananadamanrof and there's Shalaralapalova and of course, Na Li. Which is just the most difficult to spell out of all the names. But plenty of big names through yesterday - literally.

And this takes us nicely onto today's day of Tennis action and another day ahead of awesomeness. If you want to see who's on and when then give today's schedule of play a proper good gander and take in it's organised advice as to what to see and when. Lots to watch out for today, including Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Robin Soderling, James Ward too after impressing at Queens and of course Isner vs Mahut on Court 3, which was officially opened yesterday. Do you remember their epic epic last year? It was so epic it's defined as a double epic to me. It was the longest match IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE. OK, so we won't see that again unless they're taking the mickey but it's a fantastic memory! And it made them good buddies so it's all not so bad!

Do any of you guys play any tennis games to pass the time? Over the past few months the more recent releases have been 2K Games' Top Spin 4 and SEGA's Virtua Tennis 4, and both have had plenty of playtime on my Xbox. What I like about them is they offer for vastly different tennis audiences - Virtua Tennis accomodates those who want a faster, pick up and play and have a bit of fun experience whereas Top Spin is very much focused on realistic, lengthy matches that you'd see in real life and that's what edges it out for me, I prefer the more realistic type of gameplay. Both are very good though and highly recommended if you want some up to date tennis gaming in your life. Although nothing quite beats Mario Tennis that I used to have on my Gameboy Advance. Best tennis game ever.

And that's Day 2 all ready for you to comment in and enjoy. Before I go, make sure you check out this brilliant clip of Alex Bologomov Jr getting a little bit frustrated and throwing his racket at the floor only for it to bounce out of the court... as you would totally expect. It's slightly bizarre but oh so brilliant. There's plenty to watch today though down at SW19 with play beginning at 12 noon so I hope you enjoy Day 2 of Wimbledon!

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