Wimbledon 2010: Day 11

2 July, 2010 at 09:39 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

It is Men's Semi-Finals day, and it's shaping up to be a good one! That is, if the weather holds out. We've experienced a good ten days of beautiful sunshine (and rather a lot of humidity too) but it looks as though the rain is making a breakthrough. Centre Court has it's roof, of course, but it's not quite the same atmosphere under there as it is when they get to play in the golden light of British summertime.

Sidepodcast F1: A ball person does their stuff during the 2010 Wimbledon tennis tournament

Credit: Yersinia / Flickr

A ball person does their stuff during the 2010 Wimbledon tennis tournament

I covered who remains in the draw yesterday, in quite delicious detail, so there's just a couple of notes to catch up with. Serena Williams won her match, although it certainly wasn't easy for her. I was rooting for Pironkova in the other match, but her fabulous Wimbledon campaign was brought to a halt by Vera Zvonareva. The women's final will shape up as Williams vs Zvonareva, and I would still put my money on Williams.

Coming up today, we have the Berdych/Djokovic match up first, followed by Nadal vs Murray. I think that is the one that everyone wants to see because whatever the outcome, it's likely to be some great tennis.

I was talking to a colleague yesterday, who I was surprised to see as she normally takes the second week of Wimbledon off. She said she had struggled to find anyone to get behind this year, and considering it's such a surprising tournament (or Opposite Wimbledon, as Amy would call it), it makes sense. I wonder if this is a transitional year. Some of the dominant players of past years are starting their downward slopes - not necessarily out of it, but not at their peak anymore - and perhaps the youngsters are not quite good enough to have become well-known yet. It's certainly an interesting year.

Anyway, let us know who you're cheering for and where you're watching, and most of all, enjoy the tennis!

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