The Royal Wedding 2011

29 April, 2011 at 07:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

Sidepodcast F1: Westminster Abbey

Credit: Kincuri/Flickr CC

Westminster Abbey

Love them or hate them, the Royals are adding to their rich history today, as Prince William - second in line to the throne - marries his long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton. Since the couple announced their engagement towards the end of last year, the spotlight has inched ever closer to them, until this week when things ramped up royally (pardon the pun).

The BBC will be bringing us pictures live, with programming due to start at 8am and lasting pretty much all day.

On Twitter, the hashtag to follow is officially #rw2011 but I have also seen #RoyalWedding floating around as well. They'll be plenty of other ways to follow it, I'm sure, as it seems like no one is talking about anything else!

At 11am BST, the marriage ceremony will begin at Westminster Abbey, and billions will be tuned in to watch Ms Middleton become Princess Catherine. There's a great guide to the day on the Beeb, but I've pulled out the important bits in a table here.

08:00TV coverage begins
08:15General congregation starts to arrive
10:15Prince William and Harry arrive at Westminster Abbey
10:25The Royal family begin to leave Buckingham Palace
10:40The Queen leaves Buckingham Palace
10:51The bride leaves her hotel heading for Westminster Abbey
11:00The marriage service begins
12:15The bride and bridegroom travel to Buckingham Palace
13:25The Queen and happy couple appear on the balcony
13:30RAF flypast

This thread is for everyone who wants to watch and comment on the day ahead. I'd like to sneak in a quick reminder that Sidepodcast doesn't really do politics, so stay positive, steer clear of any 'bring down the monarchy' talk and we'll all have a fabulous day.

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