Reading Festival 2011

27 August, 2011 at 18:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

We may be approaching the end of the summer and most festivals may be out of the way but there's always time to sit down, kick back and enjoy some good music at the Reading Festival. I'm sure you will soon understand why we have this live thread from myself - you see, headlining on the night of the 28th is a certain band called Muse! Hurrah! But this is no ordinary headlining act for the trio from Teignmouth. To celebrate 10 years of it's fine existance, Muse have confirmed they shall be performing the entirity of their second album Origin of Symmetry and it will be awesome. I promise.

Muse have a very fine reputation for their live ability, and are world class at what they do on stage. Yet you'll rarely see them perform their older stuff, with maybe 2 or 3 songs from a 20 song setlist that are the same songs being performed at every gig. It's fair enough, bands move on and you accept that, but the fact they're playing this entire album is just kind of surreal to an uberfan like myself. Songs like Hyper Music, Darkshines and Screenager the band haven't really played in 7 or 8 years and are nothing like what you'd expect from 'modern' Muse, so it'll be utterly fascinating to see how the band dip back into their history. As it stands, it seems they have the full 2 hour headlining slot so expect an hour of Origin of Symmetry followed by an hour of their biggest hits. And also Guiding Light. I'm ridiculously excited for this!!

But of course! There is lots more than that Muse band of which I have mentioned a few times here and there in occasional passing!

On the night of the 27th, the BBC will be showing Pulp's set as well as The Strokes and Janes' Addiction too so there's a little bit of everything in there really. I've never been a huge Pulp fan but Jarvis Cocker makes me laugh, whereas The Strokes are a very good band to watch live as far as I know. On the night of the 28th, before Muse's headlining set you'll find stuff from the wonderful Elbow being broadcast too following their excellent Glastonbury set, and on both nights highlights from bands such as Interpol, Bombay Bicycle Club, Madness, Two Door Cinema Club and others will be broadcast too. Like I say, something for everyone! Elbow's stuff at Glastonbury really made me realise how good they are and got me into their newest album really very much, so I'm looking forward to seeing them again.

Below you'll find everything that's being shown, courtesy of BBC3. You can also find plenty of information on the BBC website as to how you can tune in on the radio or on TV for Reading Festival stuff. Feel free to join in with the comments!

Saturday 27th August - BBC3 Schedule
7pm - 8pmTwo Door Cinema Club and Madness
8:45 - 9pmBombay Bicycle Club and The National
9pm - 10:30pmPulp
10:30pm - 0:00amThe Strokes and Janes Addiction
Sunday 28th August - BBC3 Schedule
7pm - 8pmInterpol and Friendly Fires
8pm - 9pmElbow
10:20pm - 0:30amMuse

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