Apple to unveil new product today, we'll take three please

27 January, 2010 at 17:00 (GMT)

By Mr C.

Sidepodcast has not jumped the shark, I promise. There's a tenuous F1 connection here somewhere.

As we've mentioned several times in the past, the entire Sidepodcast project is built upon the product foundations that Apple have built and we've long since come to the conclusion that it wouldn't be possible to do what we do with anything else.

Later on Wednesday, the entire of the technology world will be looking in the direction of San Francisco, where Apple are holding a media event to launch a new product. The sensible money says it will be a tablet shaped product.

Proceedings kick off at 6pm GMT and we'll be specifically looking for announcements that directly affect what we do including:

  • Improvements to video quality - Currently the size and quality of our F1 video podcasts are tied directly to what the iPhone will support. Might we see improvements in this area?
  • Podcasts in the cloud - Will the iTunes eco-system see personal content made available online, and if so will that change how media is consumed?
  • Tablets everywhere - How portable and affordable will the rumoured device be, and can we make use of one or more of them in a live streaming environment?

Admittedly very little of this is specifically F1 related, but any hardware or software improvements will likely reflect on the kind of Formula 1 coverage Sidepodcast is able to provide this year.

We'll be following the launch via words and pictures on the Endgadget's Live Blog and will keep this post up-to-date with any relevant announcements. If you're interested in joining the fun, we'll be ticking off the rumours with this handy Prediction Score Card and posting updates in the comments too.

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