NFL Week 12

22 November, 2013 at 01:00 (GMT)

By Will Davies

This week sees the last of the byes, so it’s the only remaining week without a full 16-game schedule. On TNF two teams from the NFC South on opposite trajectories, the 8-2 New Orleans Saints are hosted by the 2-8 Atlanta Falcons (01:25 Fri – Sky Sports). The New Jets and the Baltimore Ravens are both in the mix for the AFC’s 6th playoff spot – they face off first on SNF (18:00 Sun – Sky Sports). After an appalling start to the season, the next game could see the Giants pull themselves into playoff contention in the NFC when they play the, division rival, Dallas Cowboys (21:25 Sun– Sky Sports). The late game is crucial in the race for a bye-week in the AFC – the Denver Broncos play that the New England Patriots (01:30 Mon – C4). On MNF thesurprisingly average San Francisco 49ers are taking on the surprisingly languishing Washington Redskins (01:40 Tues – Eurosport).

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