NFL Playoffs - Conference Championships

20 January, 2013 at 19:00 (GMT)

By Will Davies

After an epic 4 games last weekend we are left with 2 huge games on Championship Sunday. Now that the Matt Ryan has overcome his playoff-jinx, Atlanta look like they could be the real deal. However, they will only want to replicate their first half performance against Seattle, or risk being bowled over by the O/D phases of ‘9er-football. San Francisco’s defence is solid and we’ve now all seen how truly lethal the offense is when being run by Colin Kaepernick – watch out, he’s dangerous! NFC: 49ers @ Falcons (2000 – Sky Sports). Just as New England’s luck all but gifted them the bye-week, the Broncos loss means they’ve lucked-into hosting the Championship Game as well. Unfortunately for the Pats (& Gronk), they are only adding to their list injuries to key players, but even this is unlikely to harm the Pats’ offense. Their weakness lies in their defence, especially against a Baltimore offense with a now elite-looking Joe Flacco at the helm. AFC: Ravens @ Pats (2330 – Sky Sports).

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