Doctor Who - The Impossible Astronaut

23 April, 2011 at 17:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Hurrah!! It's back!! Doctor Who is back! OK so it may not be Formula 1, but Doctor Who is pretty fabulous and as ever with a new series starting today it just had to be covered and watched live within the comments. We're now onto Series 6 (Six! Already!) of the modern Who, back with the Eleventh Doctor played by Matt Smith, and his companion Amy Pond, as well as Rory who seems to have tagged along but that's OK because Rory is awesome. Or Ror-some, depending on how much you like puns. So, what are we in for tonight?

The series is kicking off with the ominously-named episode of 'The Impossible Astronaut', possibly suggesting there is an Astronaut who is perhaps impossible. How I have reached those conclusions I have no idea. Perhaps the name suggests that the Doctor, who is kind of an astronaut, is impossibly impossible. As ever Doctor Who brings up much speculation, but we last saw the gang in Series 5 trying to save the TARDIS from going kaboom and helping the Doctor escape from a giant stone Rubiks Cube. Since then they've also gotten Rory and Amy into trouble on their honeymoon and had a singalong with Katherine Jenkins, as well as duplicating themselves in a Comic Relief special but now it's time for the return of the proper series. Woohoo!!

If you're planning to join us here in the comments for The Impossible Astronaut, the episode is being shown on BBC1 at 6pm so please do join us here and comment along. I'm not sure if it's at 6pm or 15 minutes before that, but there will be an introducing tribute to the wonderful Elisabeth Sladen, known to many within the Whoniverse as Sarah Jane Smith and one of the most famous and much loved companions of the Doctor, who sadly passed away this past week. But as a Dr Who fan and vital member of it's history she would have wanted every single fan of the show to enjoy every minute of Doctor Who and that's what we shall be doing tonight so please do join us!

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